Katelyn Rose Downey

Quick Facts

Real Name Katelyn Rose Downey.
In Limelight The Princess (2022).
Profession Actress.
Age 13 years old.
Birth Date 2009.
Birth Place Dublin, Ireland.
Gender Female.
Nationality Irish.
Ethnicities Caucasian.
Parents Father: Keith Downey.
Mother: Shanagh Downey.
Siblings Brother: Cian Downey.
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Body Measurements
Weight Kg: 29.
Pounds: 63.9 lbs.
Height feet: 4′ 11″.
centimeters: 149.9 cm.
meters: 1.49 m.
Eyes Blue.
Hair Brown.
Dance & Acting Training LeBlanc School of Acting.
WTA Dance & Performing Arts Studio.
Short Movie Writing Home (2017).
Movies The Princess (2022).
Music Video Town’s Dead (2021).
Athletics Gymnastics.
Dance Commercial Dance.
Irish Step.
Jazz Dancing.
Lyrical Dance.

A 13-year-old Irish dancer named Katelyn Rose Downey (born in 2009) shot to fame when she was cast as Violet in the Le-Van Kiet-helmed film “The Princess.” On July 1, 2022, the movie, starring Joey King, Olga Kurylenko, Antoni Davidov, Veronica Ngo, Alex Reid, and others, was released on Hulu.

Actress Katelyn Rose Downey plays the princess

Rose competed in various dancing competitions before breaking into the film industry, even taking home the gold medal in the global championship. She also appeared in the music video for Kojaque’s song Town’s Dead. Few people may be aware that a young girl also portrayed a little girl in the 2017 short film “Writing Home.”

Childhood & Education

Her mother, Shanagh Downey, and father, Keith Downey, welcomed Katelyn Rose Downey (now 13) into the world in 2009. Additionally, she has a brother named Cian Downey who excels in sports. Rose entered WTA Dance & Performing Arts Studio when she was just three years old to learn various dance styles like Irish Step, Jazz, and Ballet.

Source: Instagram

She actively participates in sports like gymnastics and swimming in addition to dance. Open Downey’s Instagram account, and you’ll see pictures of her holding a trophy she received through competing in dancing events.

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Professional Life

Rose eventually became interested in acting and enrolled in the LeBlanc School of Acting’s online program. Erin Michell, Downey’s coach, recognized her natural talent without a doubt. Erin gave Katelyn the advice to audition immediately after her first year of training. The young actress initially felt defeated after receiving some rejections, but her acting coach kept her inspired.

Finally, in 2017, the young Irish actress was cast in “Writing Home,” a short film by Nagham Abboud. Katelyn gained knowledge through working on this project as she became aware of the processes and efforts involved in producing a movie.

While Downey’s second job was in a music video, “The Princess,” a 2022 Hulu production, ended up being the most significant undertaking of Katy’s career. It tells the tale of a princess’s battle to defend her father’s realm from a sociopath (played by Joey King).

How much money does Katelyn Downey Make?

Let’s look at Katelyn’s earnings, salary, and net worth in addition to a few more details. Let’s take a look at Downey’s estimated net worth in 2022.

Regarding Katelyn, an actress, there was no precise information on her net worth. Mia Isaac’s net worth is reported on a number of magazine websites and social media platforms to be between $30K and $100K. (Approx).


How old is Katelyn Rose Downey?

Her age is 13.

When was Katelyn Rose Downey born?

In 2009.

Which country is Katelyn Rose Downey from?


How tall is Katelyn Rose Downey?

She stands 4 feet, 11 inches tall.

In “The Princess,” who was Violet?

Katelyn Rose Downey.

Who are the parents of Katelyn Rose Downey?

Keith Downey and his mother, Shanagh Downey (father).