Kathi Spiars Now: Is She Still Alive? “Married With Secrets” Story Of The Single Mother From California

Married With Secrets is based on the true story of a woman named Kathi Spiars. She is not alive to binge her biopic, but the viewers have loved the show.

Kathi Spiars was a single mother and a victim of fraud. She faced two failed marriages until the age of 30. Then, she met a busboy and settled down with him.

But little did she know that the man she had settled with had dirty secrets. The secrets that can haunt you for your whole life. When it began to unravel, Kathi was thrilled.

Spiars’s husband, Eric Wright, turned out to be a criminal. He had murdered a gold dealer named Lester Marks and stole his gold and cash. Also, he faked his death and had several fake IDs and passports.

Kathi found out the truth while inquiring about his yearbook copy at his high school. She was shocked to know that his real name was Eric Wright.

In addition, Spiars discovered that Eric was already married to another woman while he met Kathi. This made him a polygamist too.

Although Kathi was emotionally attached to Eric, she dragged him into the court of law. The justice was served to the victim, but Spiars was not happy.

Where Is Kathi Spiars Now? Is She Alive Or Dead?

The article on Oxygen revealed that Kathi Spiars from Married With Secrets: Lester Marks is dead.

She died in the 2000s from natural causes. After feeling betrayed by her husband for over 12 years, she was emotionally drained and physically weak.

Kathi Spiars Husband: Was She Married?

Kathi Spiars experienced three failed marriages in her lifetime.

She tied the knot twice, and until the age of 30, she had gone through two broken marriages. After that, she moved in with her boyfriend, who was abusive.

Spiars wanted out from that relationship. At the same time frame, she met a busboy named Steve Marcum (Real name, Eric Wright). He paid for her expenses and lavish life.

Gradually, they came close and exchanged wedding vows, and Eric became her third husband.

Kathi Spiars Age And Instagram

Kathi Spiars died at the young age of 50-60 years.

The hashtags of her name are circulating on social media like Instagram. People are curious about her life after Eric was sentenced to jail.

Spiars lived the rest of her life with her daughter, Shawna. On the contrary, Wright came out of prison in 2005 and died of a heart attack in 2006.