Kenya Kinski-Jones

Quick Facts

Birth Date February 9,1993
Full Name Kenya Kinski Jones
Birth Name Kenya Julia Niambi Sarah Jones
Profession Model, Actress
Nationality American

Kenya Kinski-Jones is a fashion model from America, known for her work and experience with various high-profile brands like Ermanno ScervinoStella McCartney and so on.

Kenya is also known for her campaigns for Calvin Klein. She is an animal lover and has been an animal activist. She also has been known as Kenya Julia Niambi Sarah Jones.

How was Kenya Early Years?

Kenya was born in Los Angeles, California, on February 9, 1993. She was conceived by Quincy Jones, an American musician, and Nastassja Kinski, a German actress. Her parents loved her, and she was raised in Los Angeles, California, when we talk about her early years.

When Kenya Kinski-Jones was just a year old, her father Quincy Jones shared the same fame. Photo courtesy of Instagram
Additionally, she attracts others to herself with her friendly disposition. She used to watch popular performers and try to pick up tips from them. Since she was little, she had a high rate of learning.

What is Kenya Education Level?

Regarding Kenya’s educational history, she shown exceptional talent and intelligence as a student from a young age. She always put in a lot of effort and had a great love for both her work and studies.

She also enrolled in a Los Angeles private high school for her early schooling. Her early educational background has not yet been made public.

She afterwards enrolled at Loyola Marymount University to further her education. She obtained an English degree from Loyola in 2015 and graduated. She stopped taking classes further; perhaps she is now more concerned with her career.

Is Kenya active on social media?

On sites like Twitter and Instagram, Kenya Kinski-Jones is frequently active. She has a sizable fan base on social media sites, and she frequently uses such platforms to interact with them.

Additionally, she frequently spends her leisure time on social media. With 58.8k followers and 189 posts, her verified Instagram account @kenyakinskij has grown in popularity. On her Instagram, she frequently shares stunning photos of herself with pets and her creative endeavors.

Additionally, despite having the profile id @KenyaKinskiJ on Twitter, she is not particularly active there. She started using Twitter in November 2010 and now has 1,384 followers.

Who is the Life of Love in Kenya?

Kenya Kinski-Jones and William Peltz, an American actor, have a lovely connection. William is well-known for his roles as Brandon Lender in Men, Women & Children and Adam Sewell in Unfriended.

Kenya Kinski-Jones and William Peltz are posing for pictures. Photo by @kenyakinskij

2011 saw the beginning of their relationship, and they are still together now. Despite the length of their relationship, neither an engagement nor a marriage have been announced. The pair frequently posts pictures of one another to their Instagram page.

The couple appears to be content together and to have been enjoying each other’s company based on their post and photographs. In every circumstance and issue, they have consistently been there for one another.

How much is Kenya Net Worth?

Kenya Kinski-Jones is a dedicated woman who has made significant contributions to the modeling and entertainment sectors through her iconic campaigns and short films. She thinks that the secret to success in life is hard effort.

She has had success in her career and made a respectable sum of money. Her estimated net worth is $500,000.00. She made all of this money by acting as a model for numerous reputable businesses.

She is a promising actress and model, thus it appears that she will eventually acquire a net worth of $1 million.

What is Kenya Height and Weight?

Kenya Kinski Jones is a good-sized person, standing at 5 feet 8 inches (176 cm). She is a stunning actress, and her brown eyes and blonde hair just add to her allure.

Kenya Kinski-Jones having a photoshoot. Image Source: Instagram

She is very appealing, with body measurements of 34-25-36. (B-W-H). She has a thin frame and is among the sexiest models in America.

Family Information

Kenya has eight siblings, eight of them are from separate mothers, and she is not Quincy’s only kid. Jeri Caldwell gave birth to Jolie Levine, and her father had his first marriage during that time.

Martina Jones and Quincy Jones III were born as a result of Quincy’s second marriage to Ulla Agneta Jones. Rachel Jones was born from her father’s brief liaison with Carol Reynolds, while Kidada Jones and Rashida Jones were born as a result of her father’s third marriage to actress Peggy Lipton.

Despite having a strong friendship and a history of mutual support, they are not remaining together.

How much is Kenya father Net Worth?

Quincy, Kenya’s father, is an American musician, record producer, actor, and producer of motion pictures. He is renowned for being one of the wealthiest singers and has amassed a sizable fortune via his career.

His estimated net worth is $500 million, which is a significant sum that would allow him to live a lavish lifestyle. He is leading an opulent life and owns a home and recording studio that are both valued about $3.24 million. Additionally, he has a $2.45 million Crestwood Hills residence.

He makes all of this money from his work as a record producer, film producer, composer of film scores, television producer, trumpet player, musician, and actor.

Father of Kenya

American record producer Quincy Jones was born in Chicago, Illinois, on March 14, 1993. He has made a successful living in the music business for his whole 70-year existence.

Regarding his educational background, he began his early education at Garfield High School. He also enrolled at Seattle University to pursue a higher education. He had always had a wonderful voice and, in 1951, had won a music scholarship to the Berklee College of Music.

Additionally, he gave up on his studies when he was given the opportunity to tour with the well-known musician Lionel Hampton. He started writing songs and developed his singing during the trip, which the audience liked.

Additionally, he relocated to New York City, where he had numerous opportunities to collaborate with well-known musicians including Sarah Vaughn, Duke Ellington, and Ray Charles. He has a sizable fan base, no haters, and is still succeeding in his work.

Quincy has collaborated with a number of well-known artists from around the world, including Michael Jackson. Jackson and Quincy collaborated on the album Thriller, which after selling more than 100 million copies globally, became the best-selling record of all time.

Is Kenyan a animal lover?

Kenya has a passion for animals and has worked as an animal activist. She has participated in various campaigns for animal rights, as we can see from her Instagram highlights, and she has also had animals that she and the rescue team have helped to rescue.

She has a pet dog she calls Banksy. She treats her cat like a kid and refers to him as her child because she loves animals. Banksy, her pet, is a French Bulldog that ranges in price from $1,800 to $4,500.

She published a message on Facebook wishing her cat a happy birthday:

HBD to my best friend ❤️ Through the highest highs and the lowest lows, through all the moves and moods and changes and firsts she is my constant friend, comfort and bliss. She makes me laugh and smile and melt every day. I’m so lucky to have this dog. I hope she knows just how much she means to me. My little lady forever and always

Kenya Kinski-Jones and her dog Banksy are curled together on her bed. Photo courtesy of Instagram

Horses are among her other favorite animals, in addition to dogs. She enjoys horseback riding and has done so for a long time. She has also shared pictures of herself riding horses and has previously declared that it is her favorite pastime.

The IMDb page

Although she doesn’t have any acting credits, Kenya has a page on IMDb. She, however, has five credits to her name. She has produced both short films and documentaries.

She has been working in this industry since 2000, as stated in her IMDb page. Her filmography, biography, and a few images and videos make up her IMDb page.

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