Kerrie McCarver

Facts of  Kerrie McCarver
Age: 58 years
Birth Date: December 31, 1962
Birth Place: United States
Country: America
Divorce: Jerry Lee Lewis(1984-2005)
Eye Color: Brown
Full Name: Kerrie McCarver
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black
Horoscope: Capricorn
Kids: Jerry Lee Lewis III
Nationality: American
Status: Single

Kerrie McCarver is known as Jerry Lee Lewis’ ex-wife. He’s a singer and songwriter from America.

Kerrie McCarver was born in the United States on 31 December 1962. By 2020 she was 58 years old with a Capricorn zodiac sign. Karly has an American nationality and is white.

Who is Kerrie McCarver Husband?

Once upon a time, Kerrie was a married woman. She married Lee Lewis to Jerry. After dating, the couple decided to marry for a while. Therefore, the couple married in 1984. There is, however, little information about their marriage. Jerry Lee Lewis III, born in 1987, had a child together.

After spending more than two decades in marriage, the couple decided to separate. The marriage, therefore, came to an end in 2005. Kerrie is her ex-sixth husband’s wife. Her first marriage with her husband, Dorothy Barton, lasted twenty months, from February 1952 to October 1953.

His second marriage to Jane Mitchum was doubtful because it took 23 days for Barton to finish his divorce. Four years were required (September 1953 – October 1957). The two pairs were named Jerry Lee Lewis Jr. (1954-1973) and Ronnie Guy Lewis (born 1956).

Myra Gale Brown, 13, was his third marriage and his first cousin was removed once. They were married for 13 years (1957-1970). Before the first ceremony, Jane Mitchum wasn’t finished. Two children were joined together: Steve Allen Lewis (1959-1962) and Phoebe Allen Lewis (born 1963).

He married Jaren Elizabeth Gunn Pate for his fourth time (October 1971–June 8, 1982). The Gun Pate drowned with a friend in a pool, a few weeks before the divorce could be completed. The couple had Lori Lee Lewis, a daughter. Shawn Stephens’ fifth marriage lasted 77 days from June to August of 1983.

Journalist Richard Ben Cramer claimed that Lewis had abused her and possibly blamed her for her death, but the accusations had not been reviewed. After the divorce with Kerrie, Lewis married Judith Brown for the seventh time in 2012. Kerrie is currently living her life alone.

What is Net Worth and Salary for Kerrie McCarver?

In addition to being the former wife of Jerry Lee Lewis, Kerrie McCarver has no identical identity. Because we don’t know her profession and career, its net value and pay are very difficult to predict.

Her ex-husband, Jerry Lee Lewis, however, is an American singer-songwriter, musician, and pianist who has a net value of $15 million. Kerrie’s just living her life.

Career Line of Kerrie McCarver

  • She did not give information about her career when talking about Kerrie’s profession.
  • But after she married Jerry Lee Lewis, she came under the spotlight. Kerrie might be working in some way to lead her everyday life.
  • Due to its reserved profile, her career is not known.
  • Her former Jerry Lee Lewis, on the other hand,
  • In 1954 Lewis released his first demo and played in clubs.
  • Following a successful 1956 Sun Records audition, he began recording solo for several Sun artists.
  • During that period, he released several singles and hits, including Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On, Great Fire Balls etc.
  • At that time, he was especially popular for his distinctive piano stunts on stage.