Devale Ellis’ Wife Khadeen Ellis Wiki-Bio, Age, Height, Parents, Wedding, Husband, Children & Net Worth!

Ellis Khnadeya and her husband, Devael, has and will continue to be a powerful in social media They do family vlogs on a regular basis, and they’re frequently involved in podcasting. He found that his life changed when he retired from the NFL dramatically. Everything seems to be going fine for him because he is spending more time with his wife and working as a team member of a creative team.

I can’t help but wonder: So, who is Deval’s wife? Learn more about Khadijah Ellis and find out about her husband, his job, net worth, and activities.

Celeb Facts

Birth Name Khadeen Ellis
Birthday December 5, 1983
Age 36
Birthplace United States
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Profession Actress, Television Host
Parents Not Disclosed
Married/Husband Devale Ellis
Children Jackson, Kairo, and Kaz
Siblings Unknown
Net Worth Under Review

May Ellis has found a mate:

Since Khadijah has been married to a former NFL player, she’s been doing everything from acting to writing. To begin with, they first met on campus in October of that year, and began dating a year later. These two friends dated for eight years before they were wed on July 5, 2010, and after a lot of socializing, they fell in love.

Additionally, Khade shared a video on social media to commemorate their decade-long anniversary. In addition, she also wrote:

To make things even more exciting, the song was sung and written especially for the video, he (Jamie Foxx) is in the video too. However, they have three sons named Jackson, Kenya, and Kaz. She regularly shares photos of her attractive, sporty, athletic family on social media. There’s no doubt they will be together until death do them part.

What is Khadijah Ellis’s net worth?

Khen works in movies such as, such as A Piece of My Heart: Everyday Life and The Breakup in the same year in 2016. Also, she serves as a co-executive producer on the upcoming Christmas film, The Christmas Business of Christmas. Although she has over 729,000 followers, she is also an influencer by many fashion designers and has received some form of recognition for it.

Ellis runs a family YouTube channel known as “Ellis the Family”. This channel has garnered over two million subscribers and close to two hundred and fifty-four million views. Aside from that, the man and his wife have also starred in the Deadass podcast, which has included guests such as Louis Car, Melanie Fiona, and the Vice President. However, even as of 2020, his net worth is still under consideration.

Since you can’t really tie her to a surface and attempt to keep her there, keep her under water is the only option.

His year of birth is 1983. Her birthday is on December 5th of this year, making her 36. When asked about her family and her early years, she has revealed little.

She is a U.S. citizen, and of African descent.