Kim Johnson Wiki, Bio, Age, Husband, Salary, Net Worth

Kim Johnson

The WCCO network is well-known and well-liked. While the system has strict management, the unsung heroes are most likely the hundreds of employees who keep the machine going. Kim Johnson has made a major contribution to the firm as the anchor and reporter for WCCO.

She hosts the WCCO shows This Morning and Saturday Morning. Her professionalism and abilities are the product of her vast media experience. She has yet to receive any honors, but the probability of winning one seems to be growing as the days pass.

Anchor for a Wiki-Like-Bio Every year on August 29th, Kim Johnson celebrates her birthday. Kim’s exact height is unknown, but according to her friend Kylie Bearse, she is taller than 5 feet 3 inches.

Kim was a Volleyball player at Maple Grove High School when she was a teenager. She earned her diploma in 2001. She then went to the University of Minnesota and majored in journalism and women’s studies. She also received a political science minor.

Aside from her professional activities, Kim also participates in volunteer programs. She is a member of the American Cancer Society and the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance.

Details on the family

Kim’s family has a major say in what she does for a living. Kim’s mother, Peggy Johnson, was a strict TV news watcher during dinner, which most likely influenced her outlook.

Kim admitted that she initially despised the shows but gradually grew to appreciate what was going on in the neighborhood. Kim and her family lived in Maple Grove until she completed her university studies. She then relocated to Minnesota in order to further her career.

Apart from that, Kim’s sister is Krisstina Johnson, a lab technician who is married and has two children, Jaxon (three years) and Millie (one year) (six months). To this day, the Johnson family maintains a close bond. Their social media posts show their special moments. Kim keeps her fans up to date on her family’s events, from her siblings’ birthdays to her parents’ birthdays.

Peggy, Kim’s mother, appears to have survived her cancer battle. Although the specifics are sketchy, the anchor is proud of her mother. She announced the news in her 2012th Tweet, five years before the stock market. Despite the challenges, her mother has triumphed. Her mother is now 67 years old and enjoys a happy and safe life.

Is She a Wife?

Since 2011, Kim has been hinting at her friendship with her fans on Twitter. She’d also posted a picture of her unidentified partner. But it wasn’t until 2016 that the identity was announced.

The pair made their relationship public and declared their engagement. They got engaged in September of 2012, but the exact date is unknown. Jason DeRusha, one of her colleagues at WCCO-TV, exclusively revealed the engagement on Twitter as he congratulated them on their engagement. He also announced that Kim’s fiancé’s name is Dan.

Kim was tagged in a post by one of her friends in June 2017 congratulating the WCCO anchor on her upcoming wedding.

Kim later shared the good news of her marriage with wedding snippets on July 26th of the same year. Although the exact date of their wedding is unknown, they were married in Wayzata. Her television network also broadcasted the news.

When it comes to partners, Kim revealed in 2014 that her coworker Glen Mills regards her as his television wife. She had even flashed a ring that Glen had given her.

Salary Based on Experience

Kim’s path to WCCO-TV was filled with obstacles and setbacks. She had to work her way through a variety of organisations, honing her skills along the way. Her first job was working as an intern for Almanac at the Capitol Intern in January 2005. She began her anchoring and reporting job at EP-TC after a five-month internship.

Johnson worked there for a year before starting her three-year career as a reporter and anchor at WDIO-TV. She remained at the company until October of 2009. She then went on to the FOX 18 network, where she worked as the Main Weekday Anchor from August 2010 to July 2012.

Kim eventually arrived at her new affiliated agency, WCCO-TV, after serving as a Weekend Anchor and Reporter at KTVX-TV from August 2012 to April 2014. Since 2015, she has been a member of the firm. She serves as an anchor and reporter for WCCO This Morning and Saturday Morning.

All of these credits allowed Kim to earn a respectable annual salary. Her precise net worth, however, is still being investigated.

Note: According to, the average annual salary of a WCCO-TV is $83,378.