Kinigra Deon

Kinigra Deon is a young American actress, social media influencer, and YouTuber. She is a new young artist who has been working since 2019. Kinigra is an artist and social media influencer who posts most of his reels and videos on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

I FIGHT KIDS ABOUT MINE is a popular name for one of her popular YouTube series, which shows funny fights between kids. Her unique content on the internet has made her well-known.

Kinigra, an American youtuber and social media star.(Source=Instagram)


Childhood And Family

Kinigra Deon is an American actress who was born in Birmingham, Alabama, on November 28, 1988. She is 33 years old. She was born there and went to high school and college there. Her father and mother’s names are kept secret, but Mesha Deon is her only sibling.

How did Kinigra start her field?

She wanted to be a great scientist before she got into acting and YouTube. She is in graduate school and used to work at Clinical Laboratory as a scientist. Deon started her own e-commerce business and was ready to sell her design and customize.

She tried making clothes, and she also put out her own single. Years later, Kinigra’s videos on YouTube gained a huge following, so she decided to keep working in the field where she is well-known.

Who lives in Kinigra Deon house?

Kinigra lives in a beautiful house with her boyfriend and two daughters in Los Angeles, California, USA. Aside from that, the couple is lucky to live in the middle of California. Kinigra has her own home and studio where she makes videos, so she is comfortable working in LA.

Kinigra Deon with her boyfriend and daughters on 2021 Christmas.(Source=Instagram)

What is the Relationship status of Kinigra Deon?

Kinigra is with a businessman named Reggie Washington, also known as Reggie Rue. The man and woman live together and have a daughter. Also, Kinigra Deon is Reggie’s daughter Arii’s stepmother from a previous relationship.

Tim Willy, an entrepreneur and content creator, was Deon’s boyfriend before Reggie. But it didn’t last long and broke a long time ago. People also think that Roman is Arii’s brother, but he is actually Reggie’s brother and Arii’s uncle.

What is Kinigra Deon family size?

Kinigra just recently gave birth to a girl. They haven’t shown anyone what the child looks like. The girl was born in September, but no one knows the exact date. In her most recent Instagram post, she showed a picture of herself with her new baby girl before Christmas in 2021. Both of them are happy, and they gave her the name K’Mila Rose.

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Does Deon use  social media?

Kinigra started a YouTube channel in the middle of 2019 and posted her first video. This was the beginning of her career as a content creator. She posts mostly skits and webseries on YouTube, which has made her very popular and helped her get a lot of subscribers. The Bad Babysitter, Fight Kids About Mine, and Our Family’s Superpowers are some of her most well-known webseries.

Reggie Washington gifts Kinigra Deon a brand new Mercedes g63.(Source=Instagram)

Along with her YouTube channel, she got a lot of followers on Instagram and Tiktok. On Instagram, she got to about 250k followers. In the past two and a half to three years, she had made $3 million through Tiktok. She also started making reel videos on Tiktok, which got her a lot of attention. People all over the world love and enjoy her videos.

What is the networth of Deon?

Kinigra has made a lot of money as an actress, entrepreneur, model, and person who has a lot of followers on social media. She earns money by making her own videos. She has never told anyone what her real assets are, but an outside source says that her net worth is around $9 million USD. Deon also lives a very nice life by buying cars and real estate.

What is the Physical Measurement of Deon?

Kinigra is about 168 cm (5 feet 6 inches) tall and weighs about 63 kg (138.6 lbs). She has cute black eyes, black hair, and a beautiful light brown skin tone. Also, her body is amazing, very attractive, and well-kept, even after she gave birth.

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