Kiran Deol

Kiran Deol is a British actress. Along with being an actress she is also a director and producer. One of her documentaries has also been nominated for an Oscar.

Name Kiran Deol
Birthday N/A
Gender Female
Nationality British
Profession Actor, Producer, Director, Comedian
Instagram @shitfromkiran

She also describes herself as a Comedian and a filmmaker. She is a British actress with Indian descent. She is as good as acting in comedy also.

She is one of the very hardworking actresses that the industry has. She has reached many places to make her documentaries and one of them in Nepal.


10 Facts about Kiran Deol

  1. Kiran Deol is a British actress. Along with being an actress she is also a director and producer.
  2. Kiran’s exact age is not known yet as she has not shared about it. Though her exact date of birth is not known she seems to be in the mid-20s. Her fans do not know about her birthday and her sun sign.
  3. She is from the United Kingdom and currently, she resides in the United States. There are no details about her height and her weight as she does not want to share these things about her to the world.
  4. It is only known that she is from Indian descent and her ethnicity is not known. Moreover details about her parents and families are also not known as she has not shared about them. But we can see her mother and father via her Instagram posts.
  5. Kiran’s love life is also very private. Nothing about her boyfriend or husband is found on the web.
  6. After graduating from Harvard  University she made a documentry film which was about women soldiers in Nepal which were named Woman Rebel.
  7. Her documentry Women Rebel made it to Oscar as it was nominated for Oscars and it won the IDA award for  Best Documentary. And it was also bought by HBO and aired domestically.
  8. Some of her works are Sunnyside, Modern Family, and  Farah Gies Bang.
  9. Her exact net worth is not known yet.
  10. She has not made it to Wikipedia but has her name on IMDb and her details can be found on many websites.