KJ Apa

Facts of KJ Apa
Full Name: KJ Apa
Birth Day: 17 Jun, 1997
Nationality: New Zealander
Horoscope: Gemini
Dating: Clara Berry
Net Worth: $4 million
Marital Status: In Relationship
Profession: Actor, model, social media star
Sibling: two (sisters: Arieta and Timena)
Father: Keneti Apa
Mother: Tessa Apa

KJ Apa is a well-known entertainer best known for his role as Archie Andrew on the CW Network’s Riverdale. He’s also known for his role in the thoughtful film A Canine’s Motivation, in which he plays Ethan Montgomery’s boss. Saturn Grants awarded him the award for Advancement Execution in 2017. KJ’s Instagram account has around 10.6 million followers as a result of his rising fame.

Who are KJ Apa Parents?

On the seventeenth of June 1997, Keneti James Fitzgerald was born in Auckland, New Zealand. He identifies as a New Zealander and is part of a mixed nationality that includes Scottish, English, and Samoan. Gemini is his first sign in the zodiac. This capable youngster was born to Keneti Apa and Tessa Callander.

KJ was born Keneti James Fitzgerald Apa in Auckland, New Zealand’s capital city. This talented youngster was raised by Keneti Apa and Tessa Callander. KJ completed his high school tutoring at Auckland’s Ruler’s School. Aside from that, he has kept his personal life a secret and has done everything behind closed doors.

What is KJ Apa Net Worth?

Furthermore, KJ attended the premiere of his film “The Scorn U Give” on a VIP honorary pathway, but few of his fans were impressed by his appearance. KJ’s net worth is around $3 million, thanks to each of these works.

Who is KJ Apa Girlfriend?

On-screen, KJ is seen romancing his co-entertainers. His fans adore his science with both of Riverdale’s main characters, Betty and Veronica. Betty plays Lili Reinhart, and the two have all the makings of being extraordinary onscreen together. Fans were suspicious of their relationship as a result of this. Regardless, Lili responded to the Tumblr post by stating that they are not dating and questioning why people were so interested in her personal life.

Regardless, KJ is in close proximity to Corinne Isherwood, a 16-year-old Canadian model and basketball player. The couple has been dating since November 2017 and is frequently photographed together at get-togethers and getaways. In any case, KJ himself stopped each of them from hearing the rumors about him dating a 16-year-old and confirmed that he is not dating anyone.

What is KJ Apa Height?

KJ stands at 5 feet and 9 inches tall and weighs around 73 kilograms. He has enchanted many of his female followers with his incredible body.

KJ Apa’s Career Line

  • KJ began his acting career in 2013 with the cast of Shortland Road, a New Zealand drama.
  • Following that, he took on a variety of part-time jobs, which helped him gain more confidence in his acting career.
  • KJ was preoccupied with his more modest film roles following his move to the United States. Nonetheless, he achieved great success in his career as Archie in the hit television arrangement Riverdale.
  • In the television series Riverdale, KJ has become a member of the family, as evidenced by his Instagram account.
  • On August 14, 2018, he presented Cole Sprouse, his co-on-screen character, with a photograph congratulating him on winning the award for best Youngster Decision Grant.
  • KJ is currently working on his third Riverdale release and transferred an image on September 5, 2018, in preparation for the new version of the show.