Kristina Pimenova Biography, Age, Parents, Boyfriend And Vogue.

Kristina Pimenova Biography

Kristina Pimenova real name Kristina Ruslanovna Pimenova is a Russian child model and actress, living in the United States. She has worked for brands including Armani, Benetton, Burberry, and Roberto Cavalli.

Kristina Pimenova Career

Before four, her modelling career began after her mother sent photographs to the agency President Kids. Kristina has worked for brands including Armani, Benetton, Burberry, Roberto Cavalli.

She practiced rhythmic gymnastics, under Olga Kapranova, in Moscow. In 2013, she competed in a gymnastics tournament in Tatarstan organized by Alina Kabaeva, winning a gold medal in her age group. Again in 2014, she was named “the most beautiful girl in the world”, by Women Daily magazine.

She appeared on the cover of Vogue Kids on April 2015. Later that year, she moved to California with her mother and in October 2016, a documentary about Pimenova aired on RTL Television.

In acting, in the Italian fantasy film Creators: The Past, Pimenova played a post-production part as a singing child. She expressed her wish to become a professional actress and film director in an interview for Posh Kids Magazine. She was subsequently cast for the role of Dasha co-starring with Corbin Bernsen and Oksana Orlan in Michael S. Ojeda’s horror thriller The Russian Bride.

Criticism and Controversies

When her mother managed her social media accounts, there was some criticism of the content as an example of the sexualization of an under-age model. The mother dissented, keeping up that all the photographs were superbly honest and “you should adopt the thought process of a pedophile so as to see something sexual in these photos”.

How Old Is Kristina Pimenova?

She was born in Moscow, Russia on 27th December 2005. As of 2019, she is 14 years. She is a Russian Citizen. Currently, she resides in California United States.

Kristina Pimenova Family


She was born on 27 December 2005, Ruslan Pimenova a former footballer and Glikeriya Shirokova, a former model. Before her fourth birthday she started modeling after her mother sent photographs to the agency President Kids.


She has a younger sister named Natalia Pimenova. Natalie is Glikeriya’s daughter from her previous relationships. She is very close with her younger sister Kristina, and is very proud of her so early and so successful career. Currently, Kristina and her family reside in Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Kristina Pimenova Boyfriend

She is still single and has never been spotted with any boy in the public and media. Furthermore, she is too young to be thinking about dating and still fully focused on her career.  Currently, Kristina is enjoying her life and living beautifully along with her parents.

On 1st October 2019, the Russian Sun-Times reported Kristina Pimenova and boyfriend, to be shopping for engagement rings. Both of them were seen closely eyeing some pricey bling in a couple of major jewelry stores. However, this news have not been proved to be real, it might just be a false rumour.

Kristina Pimenova Body Measurements

Height: 5 ft 3 in (1.60 m)

Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)

Shoe Size: 5 [UK]

Body Shape: Not Available

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Blue

Kristina Pimenova Net Worth

At 13, she is a supermodel one of the most popular supermodels of a young age. Kristina is one of the kids in the world whom most people are very much interested to figure out her salary that she earns from her modeling. Like most top models, she makes millions of dollars. Reportedly, her estimated net worth is $245 million.

Kristina Pimenova vogue

Dubbed as “the most beautiful girl in the world” by the Woman Daily Magazine and Daily Postal, a 9-year-old supermodel she has a huge following, with over 900,000 followers on Instagram and whopping 3.4 million followers on Face book.

Despite her age, she seems to have some sort of charisma that seems to strike many people:

Pimenova visited Japan to take a press conference as she was chosen for a Japan-based audition program “VOGUE×KIDS-TOKEI”. KIDS-TOKEI is a “photographic clock” where every minute, different kids show the time.

And kids who are selected in the “VOGUE×KIDS-TOKEI” audition will get to carry out a photo session in Japan, London, Paris, Indonesia, Taipei, Beijing, Seoul, Los Angeles, Malaysia, Singapore, Moscow, Manila, and Hawaii. The finalist of this audition will be published in the April edition of VOGUE RUSSIA.

Increasing Popularity

The little girl has more than 2.5 million fans on Face book, more than 600 000 on Instagram and obviously on the other networks or platforms like Youtube. Her digital image is handled by her mother, who also publishes professional and personal photos to the delight of her fans.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kristina Pimenova

Who is Kristina Pimenova?

She is a Russian child model and actress, living in the United States.

How old is Kristina Pimenova?

How tall is Kristina Pimenova?

He stands at a height of 5 ft 3 in (1.60 m)

Is Kristina Pimenova married?

She is too young to be married and is also not dating anyone

How much is Kristina Pimenova worth?

Reportedly, her estimated net worth is $245 million.

How much does Kristina Pimenova make?

Being a renowned teen model, its obvious she earns a good salary. However, her estimated annual salary is not known.

Where does Kristina Pimenova live?

She currently resides in Los Angeles United States.

Is Kristina Pimenova dead or alive?

Kristina is still alive and in good health.

Where is Kristina Pimenova now?

She is concentrating on her modeling career alongside schooling.

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