Kylie Jenner Slams

 Some social media users would do anything to attract attention and celebrities. On July 7, 2022, Kylie Jenner called out a TikToker for lying and posing as her Instacart delivery guy, despite the fact that celebrities hardly ever respond to such pranks.

According to Pablo Tamayo, he delivered Kylie Jenner Instacart purchase.

Everything started when Pablo Tamayo, popularly known as @thisisntpablo, a user of the video-sharing app TikTok, posted a video claiming to have delivered Jenner’s Instacart order to her house.

A grocery delivery business called Instacart sends professional shoppers to your house to make purchases and deliver your groceries.

Its delivery to West Hollywood was allegedly requested at the last minute by Tamayo.

When he got there, he observed that the house reminded him of the one his friend had shown him before. The tycoon of cosmetics owns it.

I tell myself, ‘Wait, this can’t be Kylie Jenner’s house. I’ll have to research it. When I look it up online, I discover that it is Kylie Jenner’s Los Angeles home in Holmby Hills, as TikToker claimed.

He added that Ashton, whom he presumed to be her assistant, was listed as the sender of the order.

Tamayo apparently got the go-ahead to get through the gates and give the command. He even posted video of himself walking into a house, though it wasn’t obvious if it was Jenner’s.He delivered the food, the camera switched to footage of him inside his vehicle.

After entering the gate, he asserted that he had followed a “road with a river underneath it.” After leaving the order in front of the house, Tamayo reportedly saw all of the assistants and maids through the window.
He said he heard a baby cry but didn’t see Stormi or Jenner.

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Kylie Jenner picked out Pablo Tamayo.

.After Tamayo’s video went popular, Jenner created a TikTok video of herself making a sandwich with copious amounts of mayonnaise. She wrote in the post, “I’m sure you either loooooove mayo or completely detest it. She cooked the sandwich and took a bite while Travis Scott talked to Stormi Webster, their daughter, in the distance. As Jenner’s sandwich video and Tamayo’s delivery date coincided, internet users started to believe him.

However, Jenner responded to Tamayo’s accusations in the video’s comments section before things went out of hand.

“I didn’t give the order for this. The app delivered a tip to him (Tamayo). Is it accurate to say that I lied about hearing my child cry while peering through the windows? Jenner added a comment, which she later deleted. She claimed that because there was none, nobody crossed the river.

The reality star acknowledged that she found lying to get attention annoying. She asked everyone to ignore any remarks about the event if they didn’t grasp what it was about in her final message. No one is sure if Tamayo was telling the truth, but in his most recent TikTok, he was spotted responding to Jenner’s sandwich video.

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