Lance Kerwin

Facts of Lance Kerwin
Age: 58 years old
Birth Place: Newport Beach, California, United States
Born Name: Lance Kerwin
Ethnicity: White
Eye Color: Light Grey
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Nationality: American
Net Worth: $700 thousand
Profession: Tv actor and Pastor
Sibling: Brian Kerwin, Shane Kerwin
Weight: 70 kg
Wife: Yvonne Kerwin
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Today’s audience doesn’t look after the list of films played by the actors/actresses. They are attracted by their wonderful performance and their remarkable work on their projects. Lance Kerwin has not appeared in a leading role but has captured many hearts.

Kerwin is a former American player, known as James at 15, Loneliest Runner, and Salem’s Lot, for his role in the television series.

Who are the Family Members of Lance Kerwin?

Lance Kerwin was born on November 6, 1960, in Newport Beach. Lance Kerwin is 5 feet high, 8 inches high, and weighs 70 kg. Furthermore, his birth sign is Scorpio, and people with the sign like facts, are right, friends, and tease.

Personal Life of American Actor-Lance Kerwin: Who is his wife?

The knot was tied by Lance Kerwin to his longstanding crime partner and wife, Yvonne Kerwin. The duo spoused their colleagues in the presence of their family members in 2000. In addition, four love symbols, daughters of the Trinity, Terah and Kailani Kerwin, and a son of Justus Joe bless the birds of love.

Lance Kerwin was previously married to his wife, Kristen Lansdale, with whom he has a daughter, Savanah Paige, to his former wife. The relationship of the pair did not last long and came to an end after several years of healthy marriage bonding. Interestingly, he was guilty of falsifying documents together with his wife to obtain state medical assistance in Hawaii in July 2010.

Kerwin was also sentenced to five years of probation on 300 hours of community service for the incident. He and his wife Yvonne also apologized for their notorious public activities.

Lance Kerwin’s Net Worth in 2021 and Salary

The estimated net worth of Lance Kerwin is $700,000. He gathered these characters with his skills in acting and as a religious minister.

In the USA, the average salary for an actor is $39.84 an hour while some famous people can earn more than $100 an hour. Similarly, a pastor’s average salary is £24,885 equivalent to $32,529.76 per year. However, with his amazing work and excellent achievements, he certainly paid him more than the median amounts for his producers.

Lance Kerwin’s Career Line

  • Lance Kerwin began his career in 1970, but he did only influence the industry, like Wheeler Boy in the Emergency TV series! 1973. 1973.
  • Kerwin played his role in a variety of TV series and films, including Heakers like Kennedy Brown, Little House on the Prairie like Danny Peters and Shazam Chad Martin! and as the Greatest Gift for Ramey Holvak.
  • He also became a chip in the 1974 television film Reflections of Murder.
  • Lance’s other remarkable pieces include Jame Hunter at 15 (1977-78), Mark Petrie at Salem’s Lot (1979), Nick Pallas at Side Show (1981), and Wooster at Enemy Mine in James (1985).
  • Similarly, his last role as American Mercenary was in Outbreak (1995).
  • In addition, he is nowadays minister of religion and in Kaua’i Hawaii, he spreads the knowledge of God and its diversity.