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American Attorney Laura Hogue has not been featured on the Wikipedia bio page as of yet.

The talented law graduate has been appointed as the Assistant District Attorney for Macon Judicial Circuit.



Laura has successfully defended many clients charged with criminal offenses, murder, abuse, minor discrimination, and assaults.

Her state and federal crime specialization helped her gather important knowledge regarding the trial system of the nation and the judicial justice posed by high attorneys during the defense phase.

Greg Mcmichael’s Defense Attorney Husband Franklin Hogue

Laura Hogue has been married to her husband Franklin Hogue, representing the Defense Attorney of crime convicted Greg Mcmichael.

Franklin has been practicing law and serving case jurisdiction for over three decades, usually based around the Georgia region.

He has been delegated as ‘Georgia Super Lawyers’ for past years repeatedly after his eclectic concentrations in diverse issues such as criminal offenses, murder, theft, misdemeanor, tax fraud, wire or bank fraud, scamming, etc.

He and his wife Laura have successfully presented their final passage of the concluding defense statement for their client Greg.



Laura Hogue’s Net Worth Revealed

Laura Hogue has been one of the two defense attorneys for Greg Mcmichael in the Arbery murder case.

She has been reserved for defensive arguments along with her husband, Franklin Hogue.



Laura runs the Hogue Houge Fitzgerald & Griffin, LLP Law Firm, which provides criminal justice or defense services.

The Macon-based law firm boosts their combined 60 years of experience as defense attorneys throughout the Georgia state.

Laura specializes in state and federal felony, misdemeanor, and their respective trials and appellate.

Her husband Franklin started practicing law in 1991 with another Macon origin law firm called ‘Brown, Katz, Flatau, and Hasty.’

The law firm of Hogue was first started as a solo project by Franklin in 1996, and Laura joined it as a venture in 1997.

Keith Fitzgerald was added to the defense attorney team in 2010, and Travis Griffin became the latest member to join the law firm in 2012.

The group of four has been producing brilliant works in the law field and has successfully solved over a hundred criminal trials.