Laurel Stucky

Facts of Laurel Stucky
Full Name: Laurel Stucky
Age: 36
Birthday: 11th April
Nationality: American
Horoscope: Unknown
Boyfriend: None
Net Worth: $201,000
Profession: Unknown
Height: 5 feet and 11 inches
Father: N/A
Mother: N/A

The 34th episode of MTV, The Test – Battle of the Universes 2, is currently airing, and among the 32 contestants, Shrub Stucky is ready to show her enraged moves in order to win the seat.

Birthday and Age of Laurel Stucky

Shrub Stucky was born in Michigan, the United States, in 1985. On the eleventh of April, she celebrates her birthday. She has a dual nationality and an American identity. She received her education as a Pre-Veterinary student at Michigan State College. She even obtained a degree in Spanish Philology.

The shrub was introduced into the world by the Stucky group. Regardless, his family’s and kin’s information is kept private. Her family is unique in that she has 19 cousins, and she is the only child from her parents.

What is the Net Worth of Laurel Stucky?

Tree has won a total of $201,000 in cash. Regardless, her net worth is being audited.

Who is the Girlfriend of Laurel Stucky?

Shrub, the wonderful sensation, is making the most of her single status. There are no rumors about her being involved in a mysterious relationship with a sweetheart. Regardless, she was already dating Nicole Zanatta and Jordan Carefully.

What is Laurel Stucky Height?

The height of a shrub is 5 feet and 11 inches. She has light caramel hair and grayish eyes.

Laurel Stucky’s Career Line

  • The tree appeared in the truth-based program New Meat II and advanced to the finals. Despite the fact that she did not win the final, she advanced to the subsequent test games, Ferocious and Opponents, where she became a double-cross finalist.
  • She arrived during the period of Free Specialists, where she defeated the opposition.
  • Shrub later appeared in the Test arrangement – Attack of the Bosses in 2017.
  • She is also eager to appear on the 34th episode of The Test: Battle of the Workds 2 in 2019. She has won 20 test victories, 9 successes, and 2 defeats to date.