Lauren Stephenson Parents: Is She Related To Jan Stephenson?

American golfer Lauren Stephenson and Australian golfer Jan Stephenson’s common last name has many wondering if the two are related. Keep reading to find out the truth. 

Lauren Stephenson is a young and professional American golfer who is famous for her Women’s PGA tours and US Women’s Open.

She has been a part of several official tours and tournaments since 2019 and has been impressing many golf audiences with her incredible plays and stats.

Not just a professional player, Lauren is also popular on social media like Instagram.

However, she is also searched for something that is not totally related to her career. She is frequently searched with the question of her relationship with another professional former golfer.

Is Lauren Stephenson Related To Jan Stephenson?

No, Lauren Stephenson is not related to Jan Stephenson. However, it seems obvious that people get curious regarding this matter.

Jan Stephenson is a professional Australian former golfer, aged 69, who has numerous records in her career and has the most incredible game stats.

Many people question the relation between Lauren and Jan but there is a thing that created the main difference,

Lauren is American; whereas, Jan is Australian. There is a possibility that the two of them have never even met till now.

Also, there is no information regarding the two being related either by blood or bond.

Lauren Stephenson Age

Golfer Lauren Stephenson’s age is 23 years old.

She was born on July 13, 1997, in Greenville, South Carolina, United States.

Lauren Stephenson Parents And Family

Lauren Stephenson’s parents are her father Charles Stephenson and her mother Sara Stephenson.

However, there are not many details regarding the available on the web, except for their names.

Regarding her family, it consists of her parents and her sister: Hannah Stephenson.

Lauren and her sister are the only 2 offspring of her parents and her small family consists of these 4 members only.