Lee Rodarte Wikipedia: Sentence, Confession & Verdict Update

Lee Rodarte Wikipedia details are inquired amid his verdict update. What did he do? Know his age and other details here.

Rodarte was a normal American citizen until he murdered a 21- year old girl named Savannah Gold.

As of now, the case has been closed after Lee accepted his crime in March 2021.

Gold’s family is finally at peace after more than 3 years of losing their beloved family member.

Lee Rodarte Wikipedia

Lee Rodarte Wikipedia details are undocumented.

However, one can know him a little better through this article.

Rodarte used to work as a manager in Bonefish Grill.

To talk about his family, we got to know that he has a sister named Amber Camarillo.

However, no details are surrounding his parents and background.

Lee Rodarte Verdict Update: Confession And Sentence

Lee Rodarte’s verdict has decided 40 years of jail sentence for him.

As per Action News, the man was on trial for murdering Savannah Gold, a 21-year-old girl, in 2017.

Lee Rodarte’s confession of murder after nearly 3 years had provided a conclusion to the case on 16th March 2021.

The victim and Rodarte used to work together at a restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida.

They were also said to be in an on-and-off kind of relationship.

Though the motive of the murder is still unknown, Lee claims it was self-defense. He said Gold died when he was trying to protect himself.

However, Savannah’s corpse was found in a burnt state near a river.

It is also said that after the murder, Lee texted Gold’s parents, saying she was moving away with her unnamed boyfriend.

Where Is He Now?

Rodarte is now serving his time in prison.

He will remain imprisoned for 40 years for his crime of second-degree murder.

Rodarte Age: How Old Is He?

Lee Rodarte age is 32 yearsold.

The details on his exact date of birth are unavailable, but various news portals have provided his age.

However, as per our calculation, his birth year must be 1989.