Lexee Smith

Lexee Smith is a well-known American dancer who was a member of the dance group ‘Latin Flava’ in the past. Lexee Smith is also a member of the dance crew ‘lilBEASTS dance crew’. She joined the dance crew ‘immaBEAST.’

How old is Maddie Graves-Witherell?

Lexee Smith was born in Houston on March 2, 2001. She will be 20 years old in 2020 and will be an American nationality. Pisces is her astrological sign. Later that year, in 2013, she relocated to Los Angeles. She also has two younger brothers who look up to her for inspiration and she admits that she enjoys playing the responsible big sister to her siblings.

Furthermore, she adores baseball and spends her spare time at baseball fields, either watching or playing the game. Rihanna’s “Work” is Lexee’s favorite dance song.

She plans to attend the prestigious Edge Performing Arts Centre in Los Angeles after finishing her education. One final thought on her feelings toward her life’s love, dancing: “I began dancing at the age of five!” My favorite aspect of dance is the sensation you get while performing it! Lexee exclaims, “You just feel so free!”

Is Maddie Graves-Witherell dating someone?

Lexee is already 19 years old, so it’s not surprising that she has a boyfriend, but there’s no current reliable information about her dating anyone. For the time being, it appears that she is completely devoted to her career. Lexee spends her free time with her friends, socializing and going to the movies.

She was also linked to Josh Beauchamp of the band immaBEAST. According to sources, they were secretly dating each other after their first meeting; however, neither the two nor their fans nor the media ever confirmed their relationship.

How much is Maddie Graves-Witherell Net Worth?

In terms of social media, she is active on a variety of platforms. Her Instagram account has over 480k followers and she is well-known there. She also has over 15.7K followers on Twitter. Her YouTube channel, which is self-titled, has over 47.9K subscribers. It appears that she also manages the ‘Lexee Smith Dancer’ YouTube channel.

She also has over 316.9K followers and 2.7 million likes on TikTok under the username ‘@lexeesmith.’ She also has over 25K followers on Facebook.

Moving on to her earnings, she may be able to make a good living from her profession. She is capable of managing her own finances at the age of 19, which is a tremendous accomplishment. Her net worth is estimated to be in the million dollar range.

How tall is Maddie Graves-Witherell?

Lexee is a stunning young lady with a wonderful personality. She stands 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs approximately 50 kilograms. Her chest, waist, and hip measurements are 32-24-33 in. Her shoe size is 5. Her eyes are brown, and her hair is blonde.

Career line of Maddie Graves-Witherell

  • Lexee first gained notoriety as a member of the famous dance team ‘Latin Flavah.’ Her natural flair, incredible flexibility, and unrivaled dedication to her craft set her apart from the rest of the ensemble. Lexee’s electrifying presence enhanced all of the performances she was a part of, whether they were live or on YouTube.
  • One fascinating aspect of her thriving career is that it is largely self-constructed. She didn’t wait for a major talent show or a high-powered talent agent to discover her. After all, genuine talent does not seek attention; rather, the spotlight seeks the talent.
  • Lexee Smith recently joined the dance group ‘LilBeasts’ following a lengthy and fruitful stint with ‘Latin Flavah.’ While the spotlight is on her journey as a dancer, the Instagram frenzy over her amazing fashion sense has paved the way for a promising career in modeling and acting, which she also plans to pursue.
  • Lexee set up her own YouTube channel and posted some of her dancing and fashion videos there. On her Fashion videos, she showcases her styles that have piqued the interest of all young girls.
  • Her growing social media following has pushed her closer to launching her own clothing line, and if all goes well, 2017 could be the year that defines her modeling career. A couple of fashion shorts starring her have already gone viral on YouTube, capturing the attention of all young girls everywhere.
  • Lexee is a fashion icon who can pull off any look convincingly. “I get a lot of inspiration for my fashion from a variety of sources!! I enjoy looking up vintage fashion images on the internet. Everything in fashion makes a comeback at some point. I also enjoy looking at photos from New York Fashion Week.
  • When Lexee was 15 years old, she confided, “Every show is pretty much spot on, and everyone who comes always has a bomb outfit!”
  • However, while she enjoys fashion, it is dance that defines her. Lexee the dancer’s vigor, poise, and suppleness have an almost otherworldly quality to them.
  • As a result, it’s no surprise that, despite her abilities in a variety of areas, she prefers to identify as a dancer.