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Liam Payne Biography

Liam Payne (Liam James Payne) is an English singer and songwriter born on 29th August 1993 in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England. He came to the limelight as a member of the boy band ‘One Direction’ which debuted in 2010. He has also made a name as a solo artist since the band went on hiatus in 2016.


Liam completed 11 GCSEs at St Peter’s Collegiate School and later joined Wolverhampton College’s Paget Road campus where he studied music technology. At the age of 12 he was a member of the Pink Productions Theatre Company and even appeared as Tony Manero from Saturday Night Fever.

At the age of 14 in 2008 he auditioned for the British Singing Competition The X Factor but he was cut during judges’ houses. In 2010 he returned to the show and received a standing ovation from Simon Cowell but failed to progress to the Boys category at judges’ houses. He was however put together with four others in his age group after a suggestion by Nicole Scherzinger, a guest judge. They formed One Direction and placed in third place on the show.

After the band went to hiatus in 2016, Liam signed a recording contract with Republic Records in October 2016 and released his first solo single ‘Strip That Down’ on 19th May 2017.

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Liam Payne Age/ Liam Payne Birthday/ Liam One Direction Age

Liam was born on 29th August 1993 in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England (25 years as of 2018)

Liam Payne Education

He completed 11 GCSEs at St Peter’s Collegiate School and moved on to study music technology at Wolverhampton College’s Paget Road campus.

Liam Payne Family

Liam was born to Karen, a nursery nurse, and Geoff Payne, a fitter. He was born  he was born three weeks early and he frequently got ill. He had regular tests done in hospital until the age of four as the doctors noticed one of his kidneys was scarred and dysfunctional. He had 32 injections in his arm in the morning and evening as a child to help him cope with the pain.  He has  two elder sisters namely: Nicola and Ruth.

Liam Payne Cheryl/ Liam Payne and Cheryl

Liam and Cheryl Cole first met in 2009 when Liam was auditioning on the X Factor. The pair got together when Cheryl was going through her divorce to second husband at the beginning of 2016, and made their red carpet debut in May 2016.

In February 2018 rumors began that Liam and Cheryl were having problems that were caused by not spending enough time together. In March 2018 Liam admitted that they were having “struggles” and admitted that not everything was “fine and dandy”.

During an interview with Evening Standard’s he said: “And the thing for me is, I just like to think we’re somewhere in the middle. You know, we have our struggles — like of course I’m not gonna sit here and say that everything’s absolutely fine and dandy, because of course you go through different things, and that’s what a relationship is.”

In June 2018 the couple announced their split on twitter after two and a half years together.

“We are sad to announce that we are going our separate ways. It’s been a tough decision for us to make. We still have so much love for each other as a family. Bear is our world and we ask that you respect his privacy as we navigate our way through this together.”

Liam Payne Baby/ Liam Payne Son/ Liam Payne Baby/ Cheryl and Liam Baby

Liam and his ex girlfriend welcomed their son Bear Grey Payne on 22nd March 2017. They have not revealed the face of their son and during an interview with ‘The Telegraph’ Liam said: “We’ve only shown him in glimpses. We don’t want him to have the pressure that me and Cheryl have, as household names. We want him to enjoy himself first and then figure it out”.

Liam Payne Wife

Liam is not married but he was in a two and half years relationship with Cheryl Cole until they broke up in June 2018. The couple share a son Bear Payne born on 22nd March 2017.

Liam Payne Girlfriend/ Liam Payne Dating

After Liam broke things up with Cheryl he was spotted flirting with American model Cairo Dwek. In August 2018 they were spotted on a romantic weekend away in Lake Como. According to Mirror Online the two first met at Medusa restaurant and cabaret club in Cannes, France and Liam quickly followed her on Instagram and started liking her pictures.

Liam Payne Audition

In 2008 aged 14, he auditioned for the fifth series of X Factor and moved past the first round after performing Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me To The Moon. He was eliminated at the Boot Camp stage but Simon Cowell asked him to return for the judges’ houses stage. Payne was later disqualified during judges’ houses, but was encouraged by Cowell to “come back in two years”.

In 2010, during the seventh series of The X Factor he whole-heartedly auditioned signing Michael Bublé’s version of “Cry Me a River”, which earned him four yeses and a standing ovation from Simon Cowell. He was considered the second favorite to win the competition following his solo audition. “He failed to progress to the Boys category at judges’ houses.” Guest judge Nicole Scherzinger put him together with four others of his age group who had underwent the same struggle as him, forming a five- piece boy band at Wembley Arena. this was during the boot-camp stage of the competition hence qualifying for the Groups category.

The members of the group were put together for two weeks to get to know each other and to practice. Styles, a member, came up with the name One Direction. The group, now referred to as One direction, finished in third place but they were signed by Simon Cowell.

Liam Payne One Direction

In 2010, One Direction was signed to Simon Cowell’s Syco Entertainment, this was after coming in third place at the America’s Got Talent challenge. In 2011, the group was able to release its first studio album, Up ‘All Night’, followed by their second, ‘Take Me Home’, in 2012. In March 2016, the group split and claimed it to be a planned hiatus to pursue individual projects.

Liam Payne Solo Career

Liam began working as a producer under the monikers “Big Payno” or “Payno,” teaming up with fellow producers AfterHrs to remix several tracks including Cheryl Cole‘s “I Don’t Care” in 2014.

In August 2014, he created and became the director of Hampton Music Limited, a publishing company. In 2015, he collaborated with songwriter Jamie Scott on Irish band Hometown’s single “The Night We Met.” In early 2016, Payne featured on a track titled “You” by Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J. Payne denied that the track was a single, but it was confirmed to be a leak from an untitled mixtape, yet to be released.

On 22 July 2016 Liam Payne through his twitter handled, revealed on Twitter that he had signed a recording contract with Capitol Records. His debut solo single “Strip That Down”, featuring Quavo and co-written with Ed Sheeran and Steve Mac, was released on 19 May 2017.

Liam Payne Songs

  • Strip That Down (featuring Quavo)
  • Get Low (with Zedd)
  • Bedroom Floor
  • For You (with Rita Ora)
  • Familiar (with J Balvin)
  • First Time (featuring French Montana)
  • Polaroid
  • Slow
  • Depend On It

Liam Payne Net worth

Liam has an estimated net worth of $60 million

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Sexiest Man of the Year

Liam Payne



BMI London Awards

Pop Award Songs

“Night Changes”


“Steal My Girl”



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Choice Summer Male Artist

Liam Payne


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Best Song

“Strip That Down” (featuring Quavo)


Best Male

Liam Payne


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The Global Special Award


iHeartRadio Music Awards

Best New Pop Artist


Best Solo Breakout


Brit Awards

British Single

“Strip That Down” (featuring Quavo)


British Artist Video of the Year


BMI Pop Awards

Award Winning Songs

“Strip That Down”


Teen Choice Awards

Choice Latin Song

“Familiar” (with J Balvin)


Choice Summer Song


Choice Summer Male Artist

Liam Payne


MTV Video Music Awards

Best Dance Video

“Get Low” (with Zedd)



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Liam Payne Familiar

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Liam Payne Interview

Congratulations on the new single, “Familiar”. What is the song about?

Liam Payne: A lot of my songs situate things that you go through when you’re younger. This song is about the idea of the chase, where you see somebody that you really like and you just want to get to know them more.

How has the reaction been?

Liam Payne: It’s been great so far. You know, every song is different. At the moment, everyone is trying to t into this new age of technology and you’ve got so many artists doing so many different things. It was a great week to release it because there were so many great songs out. I think this one is a slow burner – I see longevity within this song. With some tracks, you hear it first and you think, “This is great!” But this one, the first time I heard it, I was really unsure – and then I heard it a second time and was like, “Actually, damn, I was wrong!”

This is the fourth single from the upcoming album – all the tracks are distinct. What can we expect from the full album? Do you have a drop date?

Liam Payne: I wish I did, because I want it out as well! The track list is completely finished, I believe. So we’re two-thirds of the way; we’re just finishing it o . I think from this album, there’s a little bit of me almost finding my feet within the music world – where I think I’m supposed to be, what people think of me and how much I love making different styles of music. It’s very collaborative and different. Everything is quite hitty, bouncy and a lot more singy-rap than anything else. I’m actually trying to put more of the ballads on, because I know people want to hear me sing a ballad as well. So it’s a really mixed bag – very eclectic.

You’ve said the album is like your Spotify playlist – an amalgam of everything you like. Who are your inspirations for it?

Liam Payne: Not to be too cliché, but I love Post Malone. I think it’s so great the way he’s put everything together and he’s a very funny guy as well, actually – I got a message from him the other day that just said “DAD!!!!!!!!!” and that’s all it was! Charlie Puth makes a good pop song and I like Lauv, he’s made some great stuff too. In terms of hip-hop, I like Migos – I like the fun-ness of it. There have been some great writers I’ve been able to get through as well, so I hear a lot of songs that no one else gets to hear. Sometimes they come out later, sometimes they don’t. That’s another part of my playlist, this secret kind of song thing. I got one from Justin Tranter the other day – he’s one of my favourite writers and works a lot with Julia Michaels; they recently did “Sorry” for Justin Bieber.

You were in the world’s biggest group while just a child. How do you top that?

Liam Payne: I think the only way we can top that is by being accepted and being great ourselves. One Direction was all concerts and big songs, with longer choruses and things people want to shout out. It was a bit of a teenage rebellion kind of thing, in a sense. The only way we could get any bigger is to throw one massive concert where it’s basically all of us versus each other, but we’re still in a band. So, if we all went like, “Hang on a minute boys, just going to throw this in” and bang, on comes [Niall Horan’s] “Slow Hands” and we’re all just popping along – that would be the most fun sh*t ever.

So would this be like a friendly competition?

Liam Payne: Yeah, in a sense. We’re like brothers – so, a brotherly competition. Seeing everybody come out with different sounds has been really exciting. I went to Louis [Tomlinson]’s house the other day and the first thing we were talking about was like, “Did you really realise how big what we just did was?” And we kind of both just sat there – there was nothing really said, but you could tell we were both thinking, “That was some mad sh*t, dude.” And it was! You don’t even realise until you come out of it and look back. The success we saw was how many people would turn up at a concert. And then seeing other people selling out these venues, select groups of people, and we played there so many times – like the Rose Bowl three times in a row. That’s nuts! But even when you read it in the paper, like “the world’s biggest boy band” – we did something that was “the world’s biggest”. It doesn’t really matter what it was. Like, if I made the world’s biggest orange, I’d be quite happy about that, you know what I mean? You can’t top that.

You’ve made your mark on the world.

Liam Payne: Exactly – it’s like a small legacy. Even though I’ve got another tiny bear-shaped legacy in the background as well. I think it’s nice.

So you still hang out with Louis. How has your relationship changed with the One Direction guys?

Liam Payne: A little while back, I gave a piece of advice to [American girl group] Fifth Harmony in a magazine. When you give advice, it’s sometimes something that you need to listen to yourself, too. I said: “Go away for a while, recollect and regather yourself, and then go and meet people again with your newfound presence.” And I like that, because I went away and the person I was in the band, I’m not him now. It was all right to be that person then, but now, I need to be something totally different. Even going to see Louis the other day – it’s nice to meet people and have them see how you are now, because you can understand all the things you might have done wrong or the things you might have regretted doing. You can say, “I’m different now, so whatever that was in the past, we were different people.” We got on well in One Direction, but there were times when we didn’t. Certain members fell out with each other sometimes, but it would always come back round. So, I don’t ever think that I won’t be friends with these people for life. But I think it’s important in anything that you can think about everything you would have liked to change about yourself and then grow.

How would you describe yourself then and now?

Liam Payne: Fame made me a little bit nuts and distracted me a lot from the person I was. And it pissed me off in the end, because it was like, “You could have been this guy, but you chose to do this.” Nobody really knew anything about me. I put on a front that wasn’t really me. But now that I’ve had my time away, you slowly, naturally become the person you were before you started, but with a lot more knowledge. So I feel a lot more myself than I ever did before, rather than being a part of something and having a part to play or treading on eggshells around someone. And when I sat back and thought about all the silly things I might have said and done wrong – not that I have any regrets, because I think whatever happened, happened – I think that now is the time to not be that person. I remember the day we finished, because of the place I was in, I was quite happy that we had a break. I said to the person with me at the time, “Thank god I don’t have to play that person again for a long time.” It was exhausting and I couldn’t keep up with myself.

A year ago, you had a son, Bear, with your girlfriend, Cheryl Cole. How has life changed since?

Liam Payne: It changes everything. Sometimes I turn around and I look at him and he’s like a little me. But he’s actually morphing into a lot more of Cheryl’s features now, the more he grows up. When he was born, she was like, “I carried him for nine months and he’s all bloody you!” Anyway, you become a lot more caring and responsible. Becoming a dad is difficult and I think a lot of people struggle. Dads don’t really speak about it until you’re part of the club and then they’ll go, “Oh, wait for this, that’s in the post!” and you’re all like, “Oh, thanks for the warning!” Fatherhood was totally different to what I expected.

The difference with being a dad is that you just have to take care of the whole picture at the start. A mother and a child is the most beautiful thing to watch, but they’re the closest thing ever – and you’re close, but you’ll never be as close. Their hearts were beating at the same time at one point, for god’s sake! You’re never going to be as close as that. So a lot of dads feel put out, in that sense. I didn’t really feel put out, but I was like, “Where’s my place?” I was desperate to find out what I was meant to do – changing nappies and whatever else. For me as a dad, you’re just taking care of everything as much as you can, making sure he’s got a smile on his face. And if you cook for her, she feeds him, so you’re cooking for everyone – that’s what my thing was. As daft as it sounds, cooking actually got me through fatherhood because it made me feel useful, rather than being the guy who just gets handed o to change his nappy and make him laugh and giggle. That’s a lot of what it is. Women are superhuman. You don’t realise it until they have a baby. They can do a lot of things that, frankly, we can’t.