Lindsay Fox

Lindsay Fox is a YouTube and Instagram celebrity in the United States. Tanner Fox, a professional stunt scooter rider, has an older sister named Lindsay Fox. Tanner is well-known on social media and has appeared in some of Lindsay’s YouTube videos. She also runs an online clothing and merchandise store.

How old is Lindsay Fox?

Lindsay Fox was born on March 30, 1998, in the United States. Her birth sign is Aries, and she is 23 years old. She is a naturalized nationality of the United States. Ronda Fox is Lindsay’s mother. Her mother is very important to her. Tanner Fox is her brother.

Lindsay has a close brother with her brother, and she frequently includes him in her social media posts. Bill Fox is her father. Her biological parents, however, have divorced, and she now resides with her mother. Her mother is now engaged to her current boyfriend.

Lindsay adores her dog, Kirby. Ronda Fox’s Instagram page frequently features Kirby.

Lindsay’s educational background and qualifications are currently unavailable, including the name of the high school she attended. Given her age, she must have completed high school and be enrolled in university, unless she is a dropout or has decided to discontinue her studies.

Is Lindsay Fox dating someone?

Lindsay is currently without a significant other. She is more concerned with her career as a YouTuber and Instagrammer. Rather than being in a romantic relationship, she is currently focused on her successful career.

Perhaps, as a social media personality, she is apprehensive about discussing her relationship publicly and bringing it into the spotlight. When it comes to her previous relationships, no information about any of her ex-lovers has surfaced. If she has been in a previous relationship, she has done a good job of keeping it private.

What is the Height of Lindsay Fox?

Lindsay’s body measurements, such as height, weight, chest, waist, hips, and other sizes, are currently unavailable. Her entire body measurement is still being reviewed. Lindsay, on the other hand, has a slim build and a lovely face. Similarly, she has brown eyes and brown hair.

How much is Lindsay Fox Net Worth?

Lindsay Fox maintains a high level of activity across all of her social media platforms. She has 340K Youtube subscribers and 350K Instagram followers. Similarly, on Twitter, she has 5540 followers. [email protected] is her email address for other correspondence. Lindsay makes the majority of her money through YouTube. Her net worth is estimated to be around $30K.

Career line of Lindsay Fox

  • Tanner Fox, Lindsay Fox’s brother, was well-known for his scooter stunts. Lindsay was quickly identified as Tanner’s sister by the virtual world. Lindsay was inspired by this to start her own YouTube channel.
  • Then, on September 11, 2013, she launched a YouTube channel called “Lindsay Fox.” Until now, her channel has received 16,046,531 views.
  • SIBLING TAG WITH TANNER FOX is her first YouTube video. It was published on February 24, 2017, and has received 389K views to date. She then began posting a wide range of videos, including hauls, challenges, makeup tutorials, and reviews. On her YouTube videos, she frequently includes her brother.
  • Lindsay has also included her biological father and brother in a YouTube video titled “WHO KNOWS ME BETTER… Dad VS Tanner.”
  • I’VE NEVER CHALLENGED FEATURE. BROTHER has been the most viewed video on her YouTube channel up to this point. The video was published on April 24, 2017 and has received over 3.6 million views to date.
  • Similarly, the two most viewed videos on her channel are SISTER & MOM REACTING TO “WE DO IT BEST” OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO and DON’T PLAY WITH GIANT WATER BALLOONS!!! Both videos were published in July of this year and have received millions of views to date.
  • Lindsay is also a social media sensation, with thousands of followers. Her Instagram feed is full of stunning and eye-catching images.
  • They show her way of life and her sense of fashion. She devotes a significant amount of her time to working out at the gym. Lindsay is an obvious fitness fanatic, with a toned physique that she flaunts on her social media accounts.
  • She also uses other social media platforms, such as Twitter. She has also used her social media popularity to open an online store. Tanner, her brother, co-owns the store, which sells a wide range of goods.