Lindsay Mills

Lindsay Factories, a professional artist and model, has wowed her fans with her flawless dancing abilities and stunning appearance. She is best known for being Edward Snowden’s long-term sweetheart, who leaked classified US government data. 

What is the Age of Lindsay Mills?

Lindsay Factories was founded on February 20, 1985, in the town of Maryland, United States. She is a native American who lives in a Caucasian neighborhood. Pisces is her zodiac sign. She was born into the Plants family to Jonathan Factories as her father, but she has yet to learn the name of her mother. She also received her education from Maryland’s Shrub Secondary School and graduated from Maryland Foundation School of Workmanship in 2007.

How much is the Net Worth of Lindsay Mills?

Regardless, speculating on Lindsay’s gifts, it’s reasonable to expect her to amass a little more. Edward Snowden has a fortune of over $200,000 from his occupation of advanced talking commitment in the United States, according to her sweetheart’s total assets. As a result, her net worth is valued at $200,000.

Who is Lindsay Mills Husband/Boyfriend?

Lindsay, 33, is dating Edward Snowden, an NSA informant and expert PC master who lacks the necessary scholarly foundation. Since 2009, the couple has been dating, and Edward has been releasing classified US government data for a long time before she met her sweetheart.

The couple lived in Hawaii for a while before her beau fled the country for Hong Kong and then Russia, where he was pursued by US experts who had released mass-reconnaissance techniques in 2013. Lindsay stayed in the United States for a period of time after discovering the truth about her beau.

Lindsay frequently flaunts her sultry photos on social media, and she has even shared numerous photos with her boyfriend on Instagram. On Christmas 2017, she gave her sweetheart a sentimental photograph in which Edward expresses his love for her by kissing her.

Furthermore, on Valentine’s Day of 2018, the couple enjoyed spending time together playing a game. She even wished him a ‘Upbeat Valentines Day’ on Instagram with a sweet photo of her and her beau Edward.

The couple has a smooth cling to one another, but Lindsay and her sweetheart haven’t made any plans to get married yet. Edward Snowden is currently sharing a lovely condo in Russia with his better half, Lindsay.

Lindsay Plants’ Body Measurements

Lindsay’s stature and gauge estimation as an expert artist are unknown. Nonetheless, she has a fantastic body shape, as evidenced by her legitimate height and body weight. Her skin is white, her hair is earthy, and her eyes are hazel.

Lindsay Mills’s Career line

  • Lindsay is an accomplished artist.
  • She has gone through extensive training for the dance, including post-moving, gymnastics, and aeronautical.
  • Lindsay has amassed a sizable net worth as a result of her artistic endeavors.
  • According to PayScale, the average annual salary for a shaft artist in the United States is $48,110.