Lindy Tsang

Facts of Lindy Tsang
Full Name: Lindy Tsang
Age: 34 years
Birthday: 06 Dec
Nationality: Irish
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Husband: Tim Ng
Salary: $800,000
Height: 4 feet 11 inches (1.50m)
Profession: Youtube Star
Sibling: Claire and April and Rikcy
Kids:  Isaac and Ayla
Mother: N/A

Lindy Tsang, also known as Bubzbeauty on YouTube, is a Chinese-Irish beauty vlogger. Lindy Tsang is one of YouTube’s most popular fashion gurus, and she has successfully launched her own clothing and cosmetics line.

How old is Lindy Tsang?

Lindy Tsang, 33, was born in Hong Kong. Lindy is an Irish nationality who was born on December 6, 1986. She is, however, of mixed ethnicity, being of Chinese and Irish descent. Dundonald was a civil parish on the outskirts of Belfast, Northern Ireland. Her family relocated to Glengormley, a small town in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, and she had a better childhood as a result.

Despite the fact that her parents’ names have not been revealed, it is certain that they owned and operated a restaurant. She spent most of her childhood with her grandparents because her parents were so busy with the restaurant. Lindy has a close relationship with her sisters Claire and April. In addition, she has a younger brother, Ricky.

She was bullied and beaten as a child because she was Chinese. It carried on until she graduated from high school. Similarly, she struggled to find work and worked long hours in her parents’ restaurant as she grew up. Regardless, she did not give up and remained steadfast throughout the storm.

H0w much is Lindy Tsang Net Worth?

Lindy is regarded as a beauty expert throughout the world. Her greatest accomplishment is the number of subscribers she has on her three YouTube channels. Aside from that, she has yet to receive any awards.

Lindy has amassed a sizable fortune as a successful YouTube Star with three channels and as an independent entrepreneur. She began at the bottom and has since risen to a net worth of $800,000 dollars.

Is Lindy Tsang single or has a Boyfriend?

Lindy married Tim Ng, her longtime boyfriend, on August 10, 2013. However, there is no information on how they met or their early dating life. The two are living a lovely and happy life with two small members.

Isaac was born in 2014 to the couple. Lindy’s daughter Ayla was born in the same year. Despite her constant public exposure, no rumors about her have circulated. Her entire life has been moral and decent.

How tall is Lindy Tsang?

Expert in cosmetics Lindy is a little shorter than average. She is only 4’11” tall. Other details about her body measurements are not currently available. She also has dark brown eyes, and her natural hair color is unknown because she frequently dyes her hair blonde, brown, and other colors.

Career line of Lindy Tsang

  • Lindy made her YouTube debut as a beauty guru in August of 2007 with her first video, “Dance it Off.” She posted it to her YouTube channel, ‘Bubzbeauty,’ which has 2.88 million subscribers.
  • She was inspired to make more beauty content after watching her first video.
  • She uploaded makeup tutorials, skincare routines, hairstyle tutorials, and other content to YouTube. At the same time, she started uploading to her other YouTube channel, ‘Bubzvlog.’
  • She shared new experiences and frequently uploaded vlogs of her daily life with her family on this channel.
  • Furthermore, she posted all of her vlogs centered on her daily activities on ‘Bubzvlog,’ many of which are satirical in nature and lack a script.
  • On her website,, she regularly posts updates about her clothing line, cosmetic products such as makeup brushes, and footage of her family and pets.
  • “Draw My Life | Bubzbeauty,” which has over 7.4 million views on her YouTube channel, is one of the most-watched videos. Other notable videos include “5 Minute School Makeup,” which has 6.5 million views, “10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight,” which has 5.6 million views, “2 Minute Spring Updo,” which has 5.6 million views, and “Small Boobs?” which has 5.3 million views.
  • She later launched her third YouTube channel, “Bubbiosity,” after a few years.
  • It mostly consists of slapstick footage designed to make her followers laugh. She also has her own clothing and cosmetics line.
  • On her vlogs, she frequently discusses her products as well as those of other well-known brands such as Maybelline, Verizon Wireless, Skin Inc, and Listerine. Nonetheless, as a businesswoman, she has contributed to the development of educational institutions.
  • Her project, dubbed “Pencils of Promise,” is dedicated to providing educational opportunities to disadvantaged and deprived children all over the world.
  • She relocates from her home country to Hong Kong to pursue a career as an entrepreneur in the apparel industry.