Liz Brim

Bennet Jordan, who was described as “mature” and “ready for a bride,” took part in season 16 of The Bachelorette.He also mentioned his ex-fiancee, making her one of the occasional notable exes in The Bachelorette, just as he was having a somewhat unusual time on the show due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here is all the information you need to know about the woman who goes by the name of Liz Brim.

Liz Brim birthday age and sign

Elizabeth Brim celebrated her 31st birthday in December of 2019. Her birthdate, which falls on the 12th of December, makes Saggitarius her zodiac sign.

Family hometown and Early Life of Liz Brim

Liz Brim lived in New Haven, Connecticut before relocating to her current location in New York, New York. Nevertheless, she was born and raised in New York.

Additionally, her ethnicity and religion are listed on as being Caucasian and Christianity, respectively.

Elizabeth Brim is her true name. The reason why she was given other names, however, is still a mystery.

As of the time of writing, information about her upbringing and early years is kept out of the public’s and media’s view. Nevertheless, we are aware that Sarah Brim, Maria Brim, John Brim, and James Brim are members of her family.

Size, Weight, and Unique Features

Liz Brim is under five feet two inches tall. Additionally, her most recent weight was 47 kg, or 104 lbs.

As of the date, we hardly ever saw her online. Even her one and only Instagram account is set to private.

Anyhow, we discovered that she is actually rather attractive from what was posted on her ex-boyfriend Bennett’s Instagram.

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter reach

Her Facebook profile is similarly largely inaccessible to everyone save her friends and followers, much like her Instagram account.

career, job, and education

The Hotchkiss School was Liz Brim’s place of attendance from 2003 until 2007. She enrolled in Yale University’s Psychology program the same year and finished her studies there in 2011.

He worked as a research assistant at Yale University’s lab for more than three years, according to her LinkedIn profile.

She then started working for Conde Nast’s Lucky Magazine, where she was in the advertising sales division.

She began working at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics in 2014. He stayed at Zocdoc for two more years, where she remained till nine months.

Before Liz found her present position at Daily Harvest in April 2020, she spent an additional three years working for Cole Haan and five months working for Candid. She therefore carried on serving as this company’s director of Lifecycle Marketing in the New York City Metropolitan Area.

While information on her net worth has not yet been verified by outsiders, for the time being.

Bennett Jordan and Liz Brim: Dating, Engaged, and Divorced

During a challenge on The Bachelorette, Bennet Jordan revealed to Tayshia Adams that he had once been engaged to none other than Liz Brim.

Later, Reality Steve revealed that Liz and Bennett, who are currently two of the 16 contestants vying for Tayshia’s affection, were married the previous year.

He ended up telling the truth after all!

Liz Brim and her then-fiance Bennett Jordan (PIC: Liz’s Facebook)

In a post from February 2019 on Liz’s Facebook, Liz and Bennett seemed content as they advanced their romance at Habitas Tulum in Mexico.

Before he and Liz called the wedding off, Bennett said in the show that he was “completely dialed up” for one. You’re on your knees because you’ve been in that scenario before, when things really became serious, he said. And I know it’s still early on, but it was a reality check,” he said, trying to win Tayshia over as his new love interest.

After all was said and done, it was still unclear how the relationship ended.

We only know that they have been seeing one other since at least 2015 and were last seen together in the summer of 2019.

Not to mention, made a passing reference to their inter-school competition, for which we could find no credible evidence.

 Liz Brim’s Current Boyfriend?

While at Yale, Liz Brim competed on the women’s sailing team and received numerous First Team All-New England Crew awards. Despite the media’s best efforts to learn about her personal life, Liz Brim manages to keep her affairs private.

We shouldn’t probably tell her another love story at this point.

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