Lovely Choubey

Quick Facts

Full Real Name Lovely Choubey
Nickname Lovely
Age (as of 2022) 42 years old
Popular for Winning Gold Medal at 2022 Commonwealth Games in Lawn Bowl sports
Date of Birth August 3, 2022
Education Graduate
Profession Police Constable, Lawn Bowl Player
School Local School in her Hometown
Current Residence Ranchi
Place of Birth Ranchi
Gender Female
Sexuality Straight
Net worth 1.5 Crore INR (approx)
Nationality Indian
Caste Brahmin
Languages Hindi
Zodiac Sign Leo
Religion Hindu
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Lovely Choubey, a professional lawn bowler from India, was born on August 3, 1980, making her 42 years old. She won the gold medal in Lawn Bowl at the Birmingham, United Kingdom, 2022 Commonwealth Games. Lovely has competed in sports since her 20s and has achieved national medal success.

Lovely, who is 42 years old, gave the nation its first Gold Medal in Lawn Bowl. Lawn Bowl was not previously considered a sport in the country, but when Lovely made history on August 2, 2022, many young people were motivated to seek careers in the sport.

Lovely Choubey: who is she?

A piece of Breaking News is coming straight from Birmingham’s stadium, where the Commonwealth Games 2022 are being held. According to the news, the Indian Women’s Lawn Bowl team won a gold medal. Four lovely women named Lovely Choubey, Pinki (41), Nayanmoni Saikia (33), and Rupa Rani Tirkey made formed the Lawn Bowl squad (34).

Lovely Choubey scored additional points for her group. On August 2, 2022, the Indian women’s Lawn Bowl team defeated the South African team with a score of 17–10. From Four Mrs. Nayanmoni is an Assamese farmer, Mrs. Pinki teaches sports at DPS Rk Puram in New Delhi, Rupa works in Ranchi’s sports department, and Lovely Choubey is a constable with the Jharkhand Police.

Lovely thanked everyone for their support in an interview after receiving the medal. She expressed gratitude to their supporter, Anju Luthra Madam, her team manager.

Age & Birth Information

Everyone is fully aware of the fact that Lovely Choubey and her team members made history. She may have taken home the gold, but not a Wikipedia accolade. She was not included on Wikipedia at the time this article was being written.

Even her social media accounts are set to private. In addition to respecting his privacy, we have her real date of birth, which is 3 August 2022. She seized gold for the nation just one day before her 42nd birthday. Lovely is a recent graduate with a strong athletic background. She currently resides in Ranchi with her family where she was born.

Family & Parents

The Lovely Choubey family has not been extensively researched, although one news organization asserts that she was born to a Class 4 Employee of the Central Mine Design Limited. As her father worked as a class 4 employee, she struggled with money while pursuing her sporting career. But despite all of her challenges, she persevered and today took home the gold.

Professional Life

The Lawn Bowl game’s Gold Medal winner, Lovely Choubey, has finally been announced. She has competed in three Commonwealth Games as India’s representative. Lovely used to run before he made the conversion to Lawn Bowl sports. When Lovely first decided to pursue a career in sports, she trained as a 100-meter sprinter.

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But after suffering a hip injury, she changed to lawn bowling. Her trainer put her through hard training as she was preparing for a 100-meter sprint; this caused hip pain. She had the opportunity to meet Madhukant Pathak, her current coach, when she gave up competing in the 100-meter race. He extended the Lawn Bowl invitation to Lovely. She then started preparing for the Lawn Bowl at Ranchi’s RK Anand Bowls Green Stadium.

She demonstrated her skill in the Lawn Bowl match in 2008 by winning a,

Gold Medal at international competitions. The government gave Lovely a financial award of 70,000 INR at the time for winning the gold medal. After receiving 70000 INR, Lovely stated that the financial incentive will spur her on to advance in her Lawn Bowl career.

Then, in 2013, she competed in the Asia Pacific Lawn Bowl competition, where she once more won gold for her nation. She continued to participate in the Glasgow, Scotland-hosted Commonwealth game in 2014. She participated in the women’s triples and fours events and also finished in the third and fourth pools of the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

At the 10th Asian Lawn Bowls Championships, she again won the silver medal in Women’s Pairs and Singles in 2014.

As her career entered 2018, Lovely stayed in fifth place at Gold Coast, Australia. The Jharkhand state government appointed Lovely to the position of Constable in the Police in 2018.

Relationship Status

She is married, based on the Lovely Choubey Facebook profile. She has been married for 42 years. Lovely is a mother to her own children. Lovely won a gold medal for her nation despite being married and a mother. Despite her personal circumstances, she never lost her love of athletics.

Lovely maintained her private affairs separate from her athletic profession. In addition to this, her husband and children provided her with a lot of support. Lovely has already won gold, and her husband and children will be celebrating at their Ranchi home.

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Net worth & Source of Income

Lovely Choubey has pursued a career in sports and won numerous monetary prizes, which significantly increased her net worth. She makes between 20 and 35 thousand INR a month as a constable in the Jharkhand police. We calculated her approximate net worth, which is currently close to 1.5 crore INR, based on her earnings and winnings.

Interesting Facts

  • Lovely stated in her interview that MS Dhoni told her about his passion for the Lawn Bowl game when they first met.
  • Mrs. Lovely enjoys dressing in Indian sarees.
  • She gets up early to workout and practice for her Lawn Bowl match.
  • In the 2022 Common Wealth Game’s Lawn Bowl, Lovely was the senior member of her squad.
  • Lovely received congratulations from Prime Minister Narendra Modi for earning a gold medal at the 2022 Common Wealth Games.