LSU Brian Kelly Salary In Numbers is $100 Million, Is He The Highest Paid All Over NCAA and SEC?

Brian Kelly’s salary at LSU is reported to be $100 million for his 10 years contract period.

There are many high-earning coaches on SEC and NCAA, but with Kelly’s new contract and a ridiculous amount of money, he may be at the top of the list as of now.

According to Tennessean, some of the highest-earning coaches in the SEC are Nick Saban from the University of Alabama earning $9,500,500 in his contract period, Ed Orgeron from the Louisiana State University earning $9,012,917, and many others.

However, Brian will be earning $100 million for his ten years contract period according to Fansided. He will be earning $15 million per year, which will make him the highest-paid football coach in NCAA, SEC, and even NFL.

In conclusion, Brian is the highest-paid football coach in the United States of America with a gap of over $5 million with the second-highest-paid coach in the United States of America.

What Is Brian Kelly Net Worth? Career Earnings Explored

As of 2021, Brian Kelley’s net worth is estimated to be at $50 million.

His fortune might get skyrocketed after his recent contract where he will be earning north of $100 million in the ten years.

He hasn’t revealed his true net worth on the internet or to the general public as of yet.

However, while you read this information, we are attempting to verify his true net worth.

Similarly, his main source of income is likely to be his work as a professional football coach.