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Madilu System Biography

Madilu System was a soukous singer and songwriter. He was once a member of the seminal soukous band TPOK Jazz which dominated the Congolese scene.

The band dominated from the 1960s through 1980s.

Madilu System Early Life

System was born Jean de Dieu Makiese on May 28, 1952, in Léopoldville, Belgian Congo. The current day Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). He was also known as Madilu Bialu.

Madilu System Death

System died on August 11, 2007. At the beginning of August 2007, Madilu travelled to Kinshasa to shoot videos for his new songs. Madilu collapsed on Friday, August 10, 2007. System was taken to the University Hospital in Kinshasa. He died the next morning, Saturday.

According to reports from Kinshasa, in Congo, Madilu System was admitted to the hospital complaining of fatigue. There were conflicting reports about the cause of his death.

Madilu System

Allegedly, he also suffered from diabetes. Although, it is believed he died of heart failure. System left a mark not only in Congo but all over Africa.

Madilu System Wife

System left behind a wife, Biya Madilu with several children.

Madilu System Music career

Beginning as a teenager in 1969, Madilu sang with “Orchestre Symba”, “Orchestre Bambula”, headed by Papa Noel, and with “Festival des Maquisards”, led by Sam Mangwana. Madilu later formed his own band known as “Orchestre Bakuba Mayopi”.

However, it was not until Madilu teamed up with Franco, that he became a Congolese and International star. Franco is the one who nicknamed him Madilu System, a name that stuck. Madilu’s first hit with TPOK Jazz was “Mamou (Tu Vois),” which became a hit in 1984.

That was followed by Madilu’s own composition for the band, “Pesa Position.” Then came “Mario” and “Reponse de Mario” in 1985 and perhaps the best of the Franco-Madilu duets, “La Vie des Hommes” in 1986.

Following the death of Franco, TPOK Jazz stopped making music for one year. Then the group came together again with Madilu as one of the leaders. In the years that followed, he was a key participant in several of the band’s reunions, both on-stage and in the studio.

Madilu went on to establish a lucrative solo career. He relocated his residence to Paris, France and later, Geneva, Switzerland, while maintaining a large fan base in his hometown of Kinshasa.

Madilu System Albums

  1. Stop Feu Rouge-Voisinâ
  2. Pepe Kalle)
  3. Sans Commentaire
  4. Frere Edouard
  5. Bonheur
  6. Sans Rature
  7. Album 95
  8. Lâeeau
  9. Pouvoir

Best Duets with Franco
Luambo Makiadi

  1. Mario
  2. Reponse de Mario
  3. Mamou
  4. La Vie Des Hommes
  5. Ofela

Madilu System Popular Singles

  1. Ya Jean
  2. Pie Mboyo
  3. Autoroute
  4. Apula
  5. Nzele

Madilu System News

Madilu Dies In Kinshasa

Veteran Congolese musician Madilu Bialu System is dead. Madilu who was among the kingpins of the legendary TP OK Jazz band led by the late Franco Luanzo Makiadi in the 1980s died yesterday morning at a hospital in Kinshasa.
According to Robert Osano, a Kenyan living in Kinshasa who spoke to Sunday Nation yesterday, initial reports indicated that the Congolese musician died shortly after being admitted at a Kinshasa hospital complaining of fatigue and neck pains.

However, he reportedly collapsed and died as the medical personnel were making frantic efforts to revive him at a hospital in Kinshasa.

“The Congolese President, Mr Joseph Kabila while in declaring national mourning for Madilu has already arranged to have his body moved from the University Clinic where he died to the Ngaliema,” said Mr Osano.

Suspended Activities

The International show of Kinshasa which is going on, has suspended all music activities which would have been performed by most Congolese leading artistes among them Papa Wemba, Koffi Olomide, JB Mpiana, Werra son, Bill Clinton until further notice.

“He had been alright and was last seen on Wednesday practising with his band but complained of fatigue. He, however, became worse on Friday night and was rushed to hospital at 01.00 a.m. (DRC time) but by the time he was taken to the hospital he was partially paralysed,’’ Osano added.

Since the news of his death, most Congolese radio stations have been playing his music.

Also according to Osano most of the leading musicians have already appeared on TV paying homage to the fallen music star.

Madilu who was arguably one of the best composers in DRC will be remembered for some of his compositions while with TP OK Jazz. Some of these are Pesa Position while he did the lead vocals on some of the popular TP PK Jazz songs like Mamou, Non and Makambo Ezali Minene.

However, most of his fans will remember his duets with the great Franco which featured in many memorable songs.

After an almost ten-year singing career initially with Bakuba Mayopi and other groups, Madilu joined TOP OK Jazz in the early 1980s where he set the record as one of the first to have the honour of introducing himself on a song.

This notable introduction by Madilu was on the song Non which was off the 1983 album Chez Fabrice.

Madilu System Franco Duet

To most fans of TP OK Jazz, Madilu also came off well on Tu Vois (Mamou) a humorous song depicting a conversation between two women; a divorcee with children and her friend Mamou, a married woman who she accuses of trying to break up her marriage.

Many of Madilu’s fans will remember how in the song, Madilu played the criticising and satirical role of Mamou who had accused her friend of “being a prostitute” yet she was infact the one using her friend to cover up her immoral acts.

Some of his contemporaries while with the group include singers Josky Kiambukuta, late Ntesa Dalienst, Papa Noelle, the late Djo Mpoyi, Mpudi Decca, Ndombe Opetum, among others.

After the death of Franco he parted ways with his colleagues and went solo. He later released solo albums such as Sans Commentaire L’eau, Bonheur” and Pouvoir.

His former colleagues teamed up to form the Kinshasa based Bana OK band under the leadership of Lutumba Simaro Massiya.

Madilu’s Kenyans fans will recall how in 1985 he was in Mombasa for a private wedding to a Swiss wife.

She was much older but Madilu insisted that he loved her and age had nothing to do with it.

He had also severally toured Kenya and Tanzania both with TP OK Jazz and his own band for a series of shows.

Back home in Kinshasa, Madilu has left his Congolese wife, Mama Biya with four children.

Notably also in recent years Madilu had been shifting in performances between Europe and Kinshasa.