Mady McLanahan

Mady McLanahan is a reality television star and a social media marketing manager. She is a native of Canada and Texas in the US. When Mady was revealed as a Bombshell on the fourth season of the American reality dating series Love Island in July 2022, she shot to fame.

At the moment, Mady McLanahan manages social media marketing for the women’s clothing retailer The Vintage Leopard. 2014 saw her graduate from Canadian High School. Mady later enrolled at West Texas A&M. She is presently a resident of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in the US.


As of 2022, she is 26 years old. It’s unclear when she was born.

Who is the boyfriend of Mady McLanahan?

Fans criticized Mady for choosing Andy.

Following his actions last week, Andy has never been a huge fan in the villa, and many people wanted him to quit the show. But Mady saved him, much to the dismay of Love Island USA viewers. When Mady arrived at the resort, Andy and Courtney were paired up. The latter showed no interest in him, especially after learning that he was a “mamma’s boy.” He chose Mady during the first recoupling and tried to make things work with her, but viewers were baffled when they saw him making out with Sydney.

In the second recoupling round, Andy picked Sydney, stunning Mady. He recognized his mistake after a week and made an effort to apologize to her. Sydney chose Isaiah in the most recent recoupling round, and Mady chose Andy. Fans, however, disapproved of Mady’s selection and chastised her on Twitter for going with the mother’s kid. They said that she might have selected Felipe, allowing Andy to quit the program and for Felipe to be saved. The home “didn’t need” Andy, according to some Love Island USA fans, while others thought Andy was a “walking red flag.”

Andy Voyen(Source: Celebsweek)

Only because they believed Andy to be poisonous did the public criticize Mady for picking him over Felipe. Some viewers cited Mady and Andy as the program’s least appealing couple.

The Love Island USA Season 4 lovers have reconciled

The latest episode included a recoupling round following the heat in the villa being increased by newcomers Jeff and Bryce. The dynamics of the relationships changed after they arrived, especially with Zeta and Courtney. Zeta was seduced by Jeff’s flirtatious behavior in the previous episode, but she was also seen kissing Timmy, an ex-lover. After

Zeta told Timmy she missed him, fans were eager to find out her decision,

For those who don’t know, Zeta and Timmy were an item before Bria visited the resort. She chose Timmy in the previous recoupling round, breaking Zeta’s heart. He added that while he has feelings for both women, Zeta has his attention more. But this time, she went with Jeff, who has been completely devoted to her since since he joined Love Island USA Season 4. Fans were surprised by Courtney’s decision to choose Bryce over Felipe in addition to Zeta.

Felipe was abandoned because no one picked him. Public voting lines were open for the following two and a half hours following the recoupling round. They had to select their preferred pairing. On the episode of the islanders airing on July 31, they were assigned a task that involved asking each other personal questions to gauge how compatible they were. All of the couples were shown getting to know one another before the game. While everyone was amused by Bryce’s “broken eagle” incident, Zeta found Bria and Timmy’s game annoying.

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Who Are Mady McLanahan Parents?

Mady McLanahan was born to parents, Holly and Denny McLanahan. They were both supportive of Mady’s adventure on Love Island.

Her father, Denny even took it to his FB to write, “It’s official. I can finally post about Mady’s latest adventure. Super proud of her for stepping out of her comfort zone. Prayers for this momma’s heart as we haven’t been able to see or talk to her in a long time…and for her to remember to be a good girl.”

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In 2022, Holly and Denny were 49 and 53 years of age respectively.

Sadly, we don’t know much about them. But we do know that Mady looks up to her mother the most in this world. “I look up to you in so many ways and strive to be like you every day,” she dedicated a FB post to her mother.

Other members of Mady’s family include her grandmother named Lacreta McLanahan (81 in 2022), a retired CISD Aide, and an aunt named Mindy McLanahan (62 in 2022), a Pastor at First United Methodist Church of Spearman, TX.

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Birth Information

Source: Instagram

Unknown is the ethnicity of Mady McLanahan. She was born and reared in the United States and is of American nationality.

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How Much Is Mady McLanahan Net Worth?

By 2022, Mady garnered a net worth of under $200 thousand.

Reportedly, an average Social Media Marketing Manager in Texas made around $54 thousand per annum. So, perhaps this was what she made as well.