Maestro Yek

Quick Facts

Full Real Name Ángel Luis Rodríguez.
Famous Names Maestro Yek.
Net worth USD 3 Million (approx.).
Birthday 12 April 1977.
Death Date 11 August 2022.
Age (at the death time) 45 years old.
Profession Rapper, Television Personality, Musician, Actor, and Media Face.
Birth Place San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Death Place Miami, United States.
Death Cause Gunshot.
Religion Christianity.
Ethnicity Mixed.
Alma Mater Private school in Puerto Rico.
Qualification Graduate.
Sun Sign Aries.
Nationality Puerto Rican.
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Maestro Yek, real name Angel Luis Rodriguez, was a well-known rapper, actor, media personality, social media celebrity, and online personality from San Juan, Puerto Rico. He was 45 years old when he passed away on August 11, 2022. Because of his involvement in numerous music videos, he was well-known throughout the nation.

El Palo, Echate pa’ lla, I’ve Been Lonely, De Pura Cepa, Raise Your Hand, Perdido En Soledad, We Must Survive, and other songs with those titles, among others. He immediately rose to recognition for his rhyming because he could rap in both Spanish and English and was a bilingual rapper.

Maestro Yek Rapper: who was he?

Maestro Yek gained notoriety in August 2022 as a result of his touching death announcement. According to the accounts, on August 11, 2022, in Miami, Florida, he shot himself in the head while holding a gun. Despite being rushed to the hospital right away, he was later declared dead. The news of his passing devastated his family members and rocked the rap scene.

Maestro Yek was a Rapper(Source: Instagram)

Several well-known musicians and figures paid him tribute on their verified social media accounts. People were saddened by Maestro’s passing since he made a significant contribution to the growth of the Puerto Rican rap scene.

Age & Birth Information

Angel Luis Rodriguez is the real name of Maestro. His admirers referred to him as Yek and Maestro Yek. His family used to join him in celebrating his birthday on April 12th every year, according to the sources. He was also born to his parents in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in 1977. He relocated to Miami, Florida, in the United States in 2009 and started residing there to pursue his career.

Maestro Yek in his young days(Source: Instagram)

When he passed away, he was 45 years old. Early in his studies, he attended a nearby public school. He then continued his studies at a famous university. From a young age, he was interested in singing and rapping and desired to become a well-known rapper.

Family & Parents

His parents held Angel Luis Rodriguez in the highest regard. We browsed through all of his social media accounts, but he never made any mention of his father or mother anywhere. His family’s names and even photos are kept a secret. According to the sources, his mother took care of the house while his father worked at a nearby shop to support the family. Sadly, Yek never shared any photos of himself with his parents on social media.

He was close to his siblings, and when he was younger, he loved to play with them, according to the sources. Well, this website will soon be updated with his siblings’ names and other details. In addition, he was of Puerto Rican nationality and practiced Christianity as his faith. Additionally, he was a member of a mixed race.

Relationship Status

Maestro Yek with his girlfriend(Source: Instagram)

Maestro Yek had a wife by his side. Well, his wife’s name is unknown. Additionally, he never disclosed any details about his wedding or wife on his social media accounts. We discovered after doing some research on Instagram that he was dating a stunning woman, albeit we do not yet know her name. On their IG accounts in 2020, the two posted photographs, but they haven’t provided any updates as of now. It’s probable that the two aren’t together anymore.

Maestro Yek and his daughters(Source: Instagram)

Additionally, it is unknown exactly what his marital history is. Let me let you know that on the occasion of Father’s Day, Maestro posted a few images of his daughters to his social media accounts. According to this, he was the father of four lovely young girls. One of his daughters is called Angela Rodriguez. We’ll update with more details soon.

Cause of Death

Maestro was holding a gun in Miami late at night, according to the government sources and also accidentally shot himself in the head, and at the same time, he was rushed to the hospital and also was declared dead on August 11, 2022 in a hospital in Miami. He is being honored by a number of well-known rappers and celebrities.

Maestro left behind his wife and two little daughters. Everyone is in such disbelief over his passing and also was 45 years of age (at the time of his death). Through her social media, his daughter also honored her.

Professional Life

Maestro Yek caught the rapping bug while still a high school student. He made the decision to follow his passion for rhyming and became a rapper after finishing his education and also primarily performs Hip-Hop and Rap music. He agreed to a contract with the record company “Yek Records.” Let me tell you that he released multiple tracks and worked with a lot of rappers and vocalists.

El Palo, Mami Get Ready, Asesino, Tres Minutos, Introduccion, Perdido En Soledad, La Calle, Sé Que Te Gusta, Que Te Pasa, and other names are among the titles of his songs. In addition to this, he was an actor who appeared in a few films and television shows. He was given the opportunity to portray Oscar in the 2001 film Punto 45. In addition to this, he performed in the films “Talento de Barrio” and “Nicky Jam: El Ganador” as Jayco and Tó Mickey, respectively.

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Net worth & Source of Income

The murdered rapper was making a respectable living from a number of sources. His money comes from rapping, singing, and acting, among other things. He also received payment for brand and commercial endorsements. Yek has always favored to dress in upscale brands. He visited well-known shopping centers to get clothing for himself. Additionally, he always preferred to dress according to the advice of his designer.

Maestro Yek in front of his car(Source: Instagram)

Maestro was a fervent enthusiast for automobiles and ornament collections and also owns a large collection of high-end vehicles from brands like BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and others. Additionally, he used to always wear gold jewelry and chains. He wears many rings and has a large locket with his name on it. Maestro had a lot of assets and was earning money from many different sources. We project that he amassed a net worth of about USD $3 million after adding up all of his sources of income and assets (approx.).

Some Interesting Facts

  • Maestro Yek lusted after getting numerous tattoos on his arms, stomach, and chest.
  • In his free time, he developed a propensity of smoking cigars.
  • Yek is five feet, one inch and a half tall.
  • He liked to advertise his tunes on his official social media accounts.
  • The well-known rapper kept a lovely dog as a pet.
  • His official YouTube channel has 12 million views and 35.4k subscribers (till August 2022).
  • Maestro worked with a variety of bands and artists, including KRS-1, Mexicano 777, Calle 13 and MC Ceja.