MAFS: Who Are Rachel & Jose? Find Them On Instagram

MAFS season 13 premiered on July 2021. A couple of contestants got paired in the latest episode of the show. Who are Rachel and Jose? 

Rachel and Jose are a newlywed couple on MAFS (Married At First Sight) season 13. They both come from a failed relationships and came to the show in hopes of finding a perfect partner.

MAFS: Who Are Rachel And Jose?

Rachel and Jose from Married At First Sight are one of the five new couples on the show.

MAFS is an American wedding reality show. Single individuals decide to get married to the person they met for the first time.

Contestants are paired by the relationship experts or matchmakers at the show. Then after their wedding day, the couples go on their honeymoon. The newlywed couples take their time to know each other well.

Fans of MAFS have seen some great marriages that have continued to foster along with some marriages that have broken.



Rachel, who had been fighting with insecurity, wanted someone loyal and faithful. She wanted her husband to be a caring and loving man who will prioritize family and relationships.

Likewise, Jose also wanted someone who would be dedicated and willing to commit to the marriage. They both seem to be perfect for each other and have a common interest in baseball.

Hopefully, Rachel and Jose will find the perfect partner in each other.



Find Out Rachel And Jose Age

Rachel Gordillo’s age is 33, and Jose San Miguel Jr.’s age is 35.

After their past failed relationship, they hope to find a perfect partner at MAFS.

Rachel And Jose Height

There is no detail regarding Rachel and Jose’s height.

Both of them do not seem to be that tall. But when looking at them on the altar, they looked good together.

What Is Rachel And Jose Job?

To talk about the MAFS couple’s jobs, Rachel is a fifth-grade teacher, and Jose is a mission flight specialist at NASA.

Are Rachel And Jose On Instagram?

Rachel and Jose’s Instagram handle is unknown.

There has been no mention of their social handles. 

Rachel And Jose Wikipedia

Rachel and Jose do not have an official Wikipedia page.

Although the couple is not famous in the media, they will surely make the highlight if their wedding at MAFS becomes successful.