Meet Chris Wilding Boyfriend Howard Stern: Learn Everything About Him On Instagram

Chris Wilding, a professional writer for the Howard stern show, revealed in an interview that he is still single. People are curious about his boyfriend.

Write, actor, and producer Chris Wildling is trying to find love as a gay man. Although he has not been very successful in his pursuits, we hope he finds love soon.

You can find him as a co-host for STERN SHOW that airs on SiriusXM.

Who Is Chris Wilding? Boyfriend Revealed

Chris Wilding is currently single. He revealed in an interview with the Howard Stren Show in 2019 that he was in a committed relationship but broke up because his boyfriend cheated on him.

In the same interview, the guest was Andy Cohen. Sparks ignited between the two when host Howard ask Chris if he would ever date Andy. To which the writer gave an enthusiastic affirmative answer.

The two continued chatting leading up to Chris even asking Andy out on a date. Sadly, the only love in Andy’s life was his newborn Son. The two men hugged, and Cohen promised Chris to st him up with another guy.

Chris Wilding Wikipedia And Age

Chris Wilding is currently 33 years old. He was born on June 22nd, 1988, in Montreal, Canada.

He completed his schooling at John Abbott College in Theatre. Much information on his parents and childhood is not available.

At present, he resides in New York.

Chris Wilding Instagram And Net Worth

You can follow Chris Wilding on his Instagram handle chriswild1122 and be a part of his 21.5k followers.

Unfortunately, Wilding has set his account on private mode, so his 263 posts cannot be seen by people who don’t follow him.

He is also the creator of his Twitter account, where he has 31k followers. On this site, he makes quirky tweets about his daily life.

The net worth of Chris Wilding is estimated to be 545,000 dollars. The main occupation of Chis is being the writer and producer for the Howard Stern show. Before that, Chris used to work as a host, writer, and editor for a comedy radio talk show.

Additionally, he has credits as an actor on his IMDb page. He worked as an actor-writer and director for the movie Baby You Can Drive My Car that was released in 2013.

Moreover, he has worked alongside reputable actors like Kevin Spacey, Dennis Quaid, and Jennifer Gardner.