Meet Kirsty and Jesse From The Block- Find Them On Instagram

Kristy and Jesse are a couple purchasing their dream on the popular reality tv show The Block 2021. A singer lady is there with her handyman husband to win the show and fulfill their dream. 

The Block is a show based o renovating homes and places. There are judges and the house decider. The couple who never misses impressing the judges and the hose decider will win the show eventually. 

The show is the dream of many, as it is regarded to be the best platform for renovative and real estate personalities. Kristy and Jesse also had dreamt of being in the show for a long time. They got tears when they were accepted as competitors, as it is pretty hard to be in the show.

Kristy and Jesse are a couple competing with their house-making skills in the show The Blok season 2021. They are NSW residents.

They have been together since they were 16 years old and are married for 7 years old. Both of them explain their life as rising from nothingness. 

When others were pursuing their degree, they both were paying off their mortgage. They bought their first home together when they were just 18.

Since then, they got their renovation bug from that house. To this date, they bought, renovated, and sold 6 houses.

Kristy and Jesse Age and Wikipedia Biography

Kristy and Jesse’s age is in their early thirties. Their biographies are not featured on Wikipedia yet. 

Recently, they are getting attention, as they joined and got a positive response on the first episode of The Block.

Kristy Lee Akers

Kristy Lee Akers is a country singer. She is age 34 now. Being on in the year 1987, she has not revealed when she celebrates her birthday.

Currently living in Nashville, she has toured all over Australia with her country song. She is an indigenous woman and feels proud to explore her family roots through her music. 

Jesse Anderson

Jesse Anderson is a videographer. His age is now 33 years old. He was born in the year 1988, but he has not shared his birthday yet. 

Besides his profession as a videographer, Jesse is interested in home renovation and real estate. He has worked a lot for The Block as it will prove to be the best opportunity for his dreams.

Meet Kristy and Jesse on Instagram

Kristy and Jesse are both active on Instagram. They have a verified account at @kristyandjesse.

Also, Kristy has a separate account named name @kristyleeakers.