Melissa Ann Piavis

Facts of Melissa Ann Piavis
Full Name: Melissa Ann Piavis
Age: 55
Birthday: May 30
Nationality: Greece
Horoscope: Gemini
Ex-Husband: Big Show
Net Worth: $1 million
Profession: Unknown
Sibling: N/A
Father: James Piavis
Mother: N/A

Not everyone achieves acclaim and, as a result, finds themselves in the spotlight as a result of their professional career. A few individuals have seized the limelight as a result of their connections with celebrities. Melissa Ann Piavis is one of the celebrities who came to notoriety after marrying WWE hero The Enormous Show.

When was Melissa Ann Piavis Birthed?

Her father, James Piavis, conceived her, but her mother’s name remains unknown. Melissa Ann Piavis was born in Greece on May 30, 1966, under the sign of Gemini. Melissa is of Greek descent and of Caucasian race.

Her school of choice was Sprayberry Secondary School in Georgia. In 1982, he was a group supervisor for her high school wrestling team. Her grandparents were Dr. William Piavis and Winnie Piavis.

Who is Melissa Ann Piavis Married to?

Melissa Ann Piavis was formerly married to Paul Donald Wight II, better known as Large Show. He first met Melissa in 1995, when he signed his first contract with WCW. The couple decided to marry after a long period of dating. On February 14, 1997, Melissa married her better half Huge Show in a lavish wedding ceremony.

He had previously engaged with the grappler before Melissa Ann entered his life. Surprisingly, he made his professional wrestling debut around the time of their second wedding anniversary. At that point, he also lost the match. Disagreements in their marriage arose from that point forward, and they were unable to deal with the disagreements in their marriage. Melissa and Large Show ended their relationship on February 6, 2002, when he unexpectedly reclaimed his title.

Cierra Wight, a little girl born in 1998, was given to the couple as a guardian. According to reports, her ex-husband, Large Show, will care for their 14-year-old daughter Cierra. His daughter, Cierra, lives with her father and stepmother, Bess Katramados.

Melissa Ann Piavis’s Post-Divorce Life

Melissa Ann Piavis eventually vanished and began living a lavish lifestyle on their profits. As a result, tracing VIP ex Melissa’s current location is difficult. Following her divorce from Piavis, her ex-husband Large Show met Bess Katramados, who was born in Illinois.

At the time, the couple was dating and later married to Bess in 2002. As a result of their marriage, they became guardians of two delightful little girls who have yet to reveal their personalities. The couple is currently living a happy married life with no rumors of divorce.

The Net Worth of Ex-Melissa Ann Piavis

As previously stated, Melissa Ann Piavis rose to prominence following her marriage to Huge Show. She has undoubtedly been working and earning money in a calling. Melissa has had a pleasant life on her salary. Melissa Ann Piavis has a net worth of $1 million, according to reports.

Similarly, she may be entitled to a sizable sum of money as a result of her divorce settlement with WWE superstar Enormous Show. Her ex-husband, on the other hand, amassed a total fortune of $20 million from his professional career. His wrestling career earns him a substantial sum of money. WWE pays him approximately $1 million per year.

Who is Melissa Ann Piavis’s Boyfriend?

The real name of Melissa Ann Piavis’ ex is Paul Donald Wight II, but he is better known by his stage name Large Show. He is a professional wrestler and entertainer from the United States who was born on February 8, 1972. In 1994, he began his professional wrestling career. In any case, he signed as The Goliath with Big Showdown Wrestling (WCW) in 1995, initially billed as “the child of André the Monster.”

In the middle of 1999, he left the World Wrestling Federation and signed a multi-year contract with the World Wrestling League (WWF). Between his WWF/WWE and WCW careers, Large Show held the WCW World Heavyweight Title twice, the WWF/WWE Title twice, and the WWE Reality Heavyweight Title twice.

Aside from wrestling, he has appeared in several feature films and television shows, including Jingle All the Way. As far as I can tell, The Waterboy, Star Trek: Venture, and two USA Organization parody dramas Serious Torments, Psych, and Consume Notice are the best. Huge Show made his directorial debut in WWE Studios’ 2010 satire film Knucklehead.