Michael Solomonov Age, Net Worth, Wife, (Chef Michael Solomonov Restaurants Zahav) Recipe, Hummus

Birthday, Michael Solomonov Age: Born 1978, Michael Solomonov is 40 years old in 2019. Michael Solomonov is a highly acclaimed Israeli restaurateur, chef, and author of multiple cookbooks.

Truly one of the finest chefs in Philadelphia, Michael has mastered in innovating dishes with authentic Israeli flavors that comes along modern twist.

He reached the milestone in gastronomy soon after founding a posh restaurant named Zahav in Philadelphia that promptly became famous amidst locals for its signature dish called laffa bread.

  • Ethnicity: N/A
  • Nationality: Israeli
  • Profession: Restaurateur, chef

Michael Solomonov Cookbooks, Recipe and More

Teaming up with Steven has also co-founded multiple restaurants in Philadelphia including Abe Fisher and Federal donuts while published plenty of cookbooks that include Zahav. Zahav: A World of Israeli Cuisine which certainly raked him a hefty amount of cash.

Michael Solomonov Net Worth – How much net worth is Michael Solomonov collecting through his Restaurants in 2019?

The Philadelphia-based restaurateur and chef Michael Solomonov projected net worth maybe around $500 thousand dollars.

His annual salary and earning from his restaurant hasn’t been revealed yet.

However, as an owner of Italian Jewish cuisine restaurant Zahav, Michael Solomonov is anticipated to have earned a lucrative amount of fortune.

He partnered with financier Steven Cook to launch the posh restaurant Zahav in 2008 that is specialized in Israeli cuisines.

Chef Michael Solomonov Height – Is he 5 Feet and Above?

Michael Solomonov is one of few ridiculously good looking chefs with smoking hot look, soaring height, and balanced body weight.

He is visibly dashing and too handsome with perfect facial features, natural charm, and genial persona.

Ever since he has entered the culinary world, Michael has purportedly dazzled the audience with his lip-smacking dishes and food with Israeli flavors. But it’s not just food that this eye catchy chef has to offer to its customers.

His breathtaking good looks with gleaming appearance and boyish charm have in fact, melt down the heart of ladies. Reflecting his Israeli heritage, Michael displays striking looks with a clean-shaven face, piercing hazel eyes, neatly stylized salt and pepper hair, and captivating smile.

His scruffy facial hair with sharp cheekbone has further made him look rugged and magnificently attractive. He is 40-years-old and yet Michel looks as hot and happening as ever with well-sculpted physique, chiseled chest, rock-hard abs, and biceps built through an intense workout regimen and strict diet.

When not working, Michael enjoys his time with close friends and family, frolicking with kids, and cooking mouthwatering dishes. An avid traveler, he loves exploring new places, traveling and going romantic trips with wife Mary.

Michael Solomonov Wife – Mary Solomonov, Girlfriend, and Affairs

Michael Solomonov is gleefully married to wife Mary Solomonov for almost 12 years and yet Michael is deeply and madly in love with her.

Blessed with two kids, the power pair Michael Solomonov and Mary Solomonov have, however, maintained a secret low-key profile of their private life.

He is contentedly married to wife Mary Solomonov for as long as one can remember and yet Michael isn’t comfy talking about their relationship on the public platform.

Unlike most celebrity couple who flaunt their relationship on social media, the 40-years-old chef remains tight-lipped about his bond and connection with his longtime love, that leaves people speculating if the pair is actually in good terms or not.

Aiming to keep the romance out of media limelight, he has hardly stepped out with his wife on the public in nearly 12 years of euphoric marital life. Together the couple is blessed with two adorable sons whose identity is yet a mystery to the world.

One of the most accomplished chefs to make a landmark in the United States, Michael was born and brought up in Savyon, Israel. Accompanied by younger brother, David, he spent a part of his childhood in hometown Israel but the most part in the United States.

His brother, however, did the exact opposite of Michael and resided mostly in Israel whereas Michael stayed in America and attended the University of Vermont but just studied three semesters there.

Steadily over the years, he started paying more attention to parties that studies that Michael soon became a dealer. Though in the forthcoming years, he picked up and started studying cookery at a bakery near Tel Aviv, he also graduated from the culinary school in Florida and began working in Philadelphia.

His brother who served as an army officer in Israel was 21 when killed by sniper fire on the border with Lebanon during the military campaign. Following the tragedy, Michael yet again started taking drugs looking to extricate the personal outbreak and anguish.