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Monet Mazur Biography

Monet Mazur born as Monet H. Mazur is an American film and television actress best known for her appearance in Torque, Monster-in-Law, Stoned, Dead Man Running, and Just Married. She has also appeared in several television shows, including Castle, CSI: Miami, Cold Case, Chuck, Strange World, and Rizzoli & Isles.

Monet Mazur Age

Mazur was born on April 17, 1976, in Los Angeles, California, USA. She is 43 years old as of 2019

Monet Mazur Parents

She is the daughter of Ruby Mazur, an illustrator known for creating the “tongue” logo for the Rolling Stones and former model Valerie Chasin.

Monet Mazur Family

She has three younger sibling brothers, Monet, and twin brothers Cézanne and Miro. Her cousin Epic Mazur is of the band Crazy Town, in which she appeared in the music video to their song “Revolving Door”

Monet Mazur Husband | Monet Mazur Ashton Kutcher

She is married to British film director Alex de Rakoff. The couple in April 2005. The couple has two children; Marlon de Rakoff born in 2005 and Luciano Cy de Rakoff 2011. The couple filed for divorce in July 2017. She once dated Ashton Kutcher, 4in their teenager in the mid-1990s.

Monet Mazur Height

Although there are no actual records of her height, in CSI Miami there was no height difference between her and Michael Kelly. Her height is roughly recorded as 5′ 9″ (172.7 cm)

Monet Mazur Austin Powers

Mazur was cast as Mod Girl in the 1997 American comedy film “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery”

Monet Mazur Torque

Mazur was cast as Shane, Ford’s longtime girlfriend in the 2004 American racing action film “Torque”

Monet Mazur Addams Family | Monet Mazur Addams Family Values

She appeared as Flirting Woman in the 1993 American comedy film, the sequel to The Addams Family “Addams Family Values”

Monet Mazur Character On All American

Mazur was cast as Laura Fine-Baker, Billy’s wife, a lawyer and a mother to Olivia and Jordan in the American television drama series “All American”

Monet Mazur The Good Guys

He appeared as The Cleaner in Episode: “The Whistleblower” of American action-comedy series “The Good Guys”

Monet Mazur The House Bunny

Mazur was cast as Cassandra in the 2008 American comedy film “The House Bunny”

Monet Mazur The Learning Curve

Mazur was cast as Georgia’s attacker in the 2001 American thriller film “The Learning Curve.” She later strongly bonds with the ambition Cleveland who begins to surface quickly as he starts to participate in scams with Georgia to raise enough money to leave his job as a hospital orderly behind.

Monet Mazur Net Worth

She is a hard working woman who has made her fortune through acting. She has an estimated net worth of $2 million

Monet Mazur Interview

MONET MAZUR on ‘STONED’ Interview by Michael J. Lee, Executive Editor for Radio Free Entertainment

Source: How did you get involved in this film?

MONET: I did a magazine shoot and an article for this English magazine, and when it came out, I was so unhappy with it. [laughs] I hated the pictures, and the interview was such a horrible depiction of who I was and what I actually said in the interview. And I just thought, “Oh, God, what trash! I’m never going to do one of those magazines again.” And the director had seen it and read it, and went, “That’s Anita.” So it’s really funny because he sent me this letter attached to the script saying, “I saw you in this magazine and I haven’t found anyone yet that looks like Anita at all. You have to play this part. Please read the script and tell me what you think.” And I just saw Anita Pallenberg, Brian Jones, Stones, Stephen Woolley…And I just went, “Yes! Tell them yes!” And then I read it and I thought, “This is going to be fun and challenging and scary, and for all different reasons.” And the cast, too. To do an English movie like that with such an amazing British cast…It’s really exciting for me.

When you say you were unhappy with the photoshoot, are you just being modest?

No, it wasn’t like, “Oh, I don’t like the way they lit me.” It was like…They came out very sort of raunchy. They weren’t exactly what I thought we had shot. “Raunchy” is a bit extreme, but they were a little bit too sexy. And it was very Anita-ish, I guess. [laughs]

Had director Stephen Woolley seen your previous film roles?

No, he actually didn’t know my work at all. And so he read the article, and then, I guess, looked me up, and then went and watched a bunch of my movies, and wrote me this letter. And I happened to be going to London on my way to a trip to Israel the week that they were going to start rehearsals. And he said, “Can I meet you?” And I met him at this hotel in the lobby, and I came down the stairs, and he just sorts of looked at me and went, “You look like Anita…Did you cut your hair like that because you knew you were going to meet me today?” And I said, “No.” Everything about this movie is one big, weird coincidence.

Speaking of which, is it true that your father designed the lips/tongue logo for the Rolling Stones that we’re all familiar with?

Yeah. It’s just a really weird coincidence.

So did you grow up with a love of the Stones?

I definitely had a love of music, and my parents were sort of eccentric, cool people from the ’70s, the ’60s. And there was always music around, and I was always encouraged to play music and listen to music. But I really sort of found my own kind of taste and genres that I got into as I became a teenager. But the Stones were always a big musical [presence].

Would you say you lived in a “free spirit” type of household as a kid?

No, it was very normal…School and playing at friends’ houses. I just had a cool mom. I mean, she wasn’t like, “Here, have some pot brownies!” or anything like that. [laughs] But she was young and hip, and definitely up to the moment. So she definitely had her stories from back in the day, which I always got a kick out of.

How do you feel about that whole ’60s/’70s rock revolution era?

I love it. I’m obsessed. I think I really was, honestly, born at the wrong time, because everything about the way I dress, and my hair’s like permanently stuck in this ’70s hairdo…I just love it. There hasn’t been another time so far that people were as expressive and creative and innovative as that time. Now everybody’s [singing] about how big their car is, and how much diamonds they have. And it’s like, “Who cares? What about all those amazing songs that people wrote that have nothing to do with money or fame?”

It definitely seems like there were more songs about social awareness back then…

To this day, you still put on those songs and they come on on the radio in the car, and you just feel the difference, you know?

So what’s currently in heavy rotation in your music mix?

Right now, I keep listening to the Libertines record, which is a British band that I’m sort of obsessed with right now. They are such a throwback to London when the Sex Pistols were around. I mean, they are really, truly punk rock. Because I know there’s a lot of bands that try to be, but this guy is. I mean, he is insane. And I’m in love with that record right now. And another band called The Bravery. And what old music do I have in my car right now? Oh, I’ve been listening to Nick Drake a lot…

Having such a passion for the era, what was it like for you to get to play Anita and be a part of Stoned?

For me, it’s all the things that I dream about doing as an actor–doing a story that you love, but then getting to play these real people, and getting to do it with a cast of actors that are so talented and a director that’s sort of entrepreneur of film. The [director of photography] does huge movies like Gladiator and Kingdom of Heaven…And it was just everybody wanting to work on it so much, we all just went, “Okay, sure, we’ll do it for nothing.” And it was so much fun to go to work every day, from the costumes to the music to the story that we got to tell. And I think that it’s beautiful to look at. The movie’s shot beautifully, and it looks like actual footage from the ’60s.

How did you all approach the film’s distinctive look?

Stephen was really specific about the different times and the different people that were in his life [being shot differently]. All of my stuff was very dark and diffused and shaky and grainy. And when he’s at the house in the country with his new girlfriend, Anna, everything’s very surreal and almost fantasy-like. It was definitely intended to be shot that way.

Is it true that your middle name is Happy?

[blushingly] Yes!

Based on your reaction, it sounds like something that haunts you…

I hated it when I was a kid! Then it sort of became a novelty because no one ever believed me. I actually went to the DMV once when I was getting my license renewed, and I said, “Could you please put my middle name on my driver’s license?” because no one ever believed me. So I filled out the form and I pushed it over to the woman. She looked at me and she goes [country accent] “You sure you want that on your driver’s license?” [laughs] I was like, “Yes, I do, that’s my name.” And now I hardly use it anymore.

Has had it on your license ever been useful? Like, have you avoided a ticket because a cop saw your name and it became a conversation piece?

No. No one’s ever found it amusing at all. [laughs] I’ve never gotten out of a ticket in my life!

What projects do you have on the horizon?

I have a film that I’m going to do at the end of the year called Snuffed, and I’m actually just signed on to do a new TV show.

What’s that called?

It doesn’t have a name yet. It’s called the Untitled Carol Mendelsohn Project. She’s the producer and the writer. It’s for CBS, and that is my new job for the moment.

Comedy or drama?

It’s a one-hour drama, and I play a lawyer. So it’s quite different than Stoned! [laughs]

It’s great you’re tackling a different role, but I have to ask: Do TV producers ever worry that doctors, lawyers, and crime scene investigators are getting too young and too attractive?

I know it definitely was a concern of theirs. [laughs] They were worried about it looking too glamorous. But you know, that’s my job. I’m an actor, so hopefully, I can transform into that and you’ll believe it.

Thanks for your time. It was nice to meet you.

Thank you. Nice to meet you, too.

Monet Mazur Movies And Tv Shows

Year    Title

Movies 2001-2002

2009   Dead Man Running
2008   The Last International Playboy
2008   The House Bunny
2007   Live!
2006   Whirly girl
2005   Monster-in-Law
2005   In Memory of My Father
2005   Stoned
2004   Torque
2003   Just Married

Movies 2001-2002

2002   Sadie’s Daydream
2002   40 Days and 40 Nights
2002   Stark Raving Mad
2002  Comic Book Villains
2002   Kiss the Bride
2001   Blow
2001   Angel Eyes
2001   The Learning Curve

Movies 1993-1999

1999   The Mod Squad
1999   Mystery Men
1998   Welcome to Hollywood
1997   Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
1995   Raging Angels
1993   Addams Family Values

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