MTN Unlimited Data Plans, Prices, and Codes

MTN is arguably the network with the highest number of customers in Nigeria. Asides from this, many subscribers believe that this company provides the best internet amongst all the mobile networks in the country.

One challenge that most people face is that data costs are quite high. Another challenge is that after spending so much on data, you get to exhaust it within a short time. If you fall into this category, MTN has a set of unlimited data packages for you.

What are the different unlimited MTN data plans and how much do they cost? How can one subscribe to any of these data plans? Continue reading this post to find out.

MTN Unlimited Data Plans, Prices, and Codes

MTN seems to stand true to its slogan “Everywhere you go.” You are more likely to find MTN in more parts of the country than other networks. It also seems to be the most reliable. That aside, there are different classes of MTN unlimited data plans. This section will show you the different classes of MTN unlimited data plans, costs, availability, and validity.

MTN LTE Unlimited Plans

The table below shows a list of data plans under this class along with other relevant pieces of information:

Speed Data Allowance Price (N) Availability Validity
5Mbps Unlimited 10,000 24/7 7days
5Mbps Unlimited 22,000 4 PM-6 AM & Weekend 30 days
5Mbps Unlimited 35,000 24/7 30 days
5Mbps Unlimited 52,700 24/7 30 days


Some things that you should note about this plan include:

  • An indoor modem costs N10,000 while you can get an outdoor modem for N13,000.
  • The LTE service is only available in Ibadan and Lagos for now. MTN promises that the service will spread to other locations in the nearest future.
  • Asides from the N10,000 subscription that is valid for just 7 days, all the other plans are valid for 30 days.

To subscribe to any of these plans, ensure that your SIM is active on your phone. You should recharge the line with the amount that corresponds with the plan that you want. Dial *567*59# then type “1” and click “OK.”

MTN WiMAX Unlimited Plans

Below is a table that contains the details of all the data plans under this category:

Speed Data Allowance Price (N) Availability Validity
5Mbps Unlimited 10,000 24/7 7 days
5Mbps Unlimited 22,000 4 PM – 6 AM & Weekend 30 days
5Mbps Unlimited 35,000 24/7 30 days
10Mbps Unlimited 52,700 24/7 30 days


Here are a few things for you to note about the WiMAX Unlimited data plans from MTN:

  • All the plans are valid for 30 days except the N10,000 plan that is only valid for 7 days.
  • Each plan is available every day except the N22,000 that only works between 4 pm and 6 am on weekdays and all day on weekends.
  • An indoor modem comes at N10,000 while you can purchase the outdoor modem at N13,000.
  • The WiMAX service is also not available in all states of the country. You can only find it in Ilorin, Sokoto, Osogbo, Abuja, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Makurdi, and Warri.

The mode of subscription for LTE Unlimited plans will work for the WiMAX plans as well.

MTN HyNet Flex

This is another set of unlimited plans from MTN. While the plans come across as unlimited, there is a little twist. Usually, they are capped at a certain amount of data used and have validity periods. The table below shows you the details regarding the different plans under the HyNet Flex unlimited plans category:

Plan Data Price Valid Fair Usage Policy (FUP)
Bronze UNLIMITED ₦5000 7 days After 30GB of data usage weekly, speed may reduce to 512kbps
Silver UNLIMITED ₦20,000 30 days After 130GB of data usage monthly, speed may reduce to 512kbps.
Ruby UNLIMITED ₦30,000 30 days After 250GB of data usage monthly, speed may reduce to 512kbps.
Gold UNLIMITED ₦45,000 30 days After 500GB of data usage monthly, the speed may reduce to 512kbps.
Diamond UNLIMITED ₦60,000 30 days After 800GB of data usage monthly, the speed may reduce to 512kbps.
Platinum UNLIMITED ₦165,000 180 days After 2.5TB of data usage in six months, speed may reduce to 512kbps.


We will explain the different data plans under the MTN HyNet Flex category in the next few paragraphs.

MTN Unlimited N5,000

To activate this plan, you need to have recharged your MTN line with a minimum of N5,000. If you don’t want to load your MTN line with airtime first, you can opt for your ATM or a bank app. Simply visit your bank app, for example, the GT Bank app, and pay for the data bundle. This action should activate the plan on your MTN line automatically.

MTN Unlimited N20,000

Just like the N5,000 plan, you can also subscribe to this plan by loading your line with the corresponding amount. After you load your line with N20,000, you can go ahead to subscribe to the package. Note that it is valid for 30 days and there is a small limitation on this plan. Once you consume 130 GB of data, the speed of the network drops to 512kbps maximum.

MTN Unlimited N30,000

For this plan, you can subscribe by recharging your line with N30,000. Alternatively, visit the MyMTN app then follow the instructions on the app to subscribe. The final method is to pay from your bank account using your ATM card or your bank app.

MTN Unlimited N45,000

Most people prefer to subscribe to this plan directly from their bank accounts or the MyMTN mobile app. However, you can also purchase the airtime on your device and then subscribe.

MTN Unlimited N60,000

You can subscribe using any of the methods described above. There is a cap on the data speed of this bundle. Once you cross 800 GB of data, the speed reduces to 512kbps.

MTN Unlimited N165,000

You can subscribe to this plan using the methods described above. After consuming the 2.5 TB limit, the speed drops to 512kbps.

Subscribing to MTN Unlimited Data Bundles via MyMTN App

The steps below will guide you on how to purchase any of the MTN Unlimited data plans using the MyMTN app:

  • Download the MyMTN app and install it.
  • Launch the app.
  • Register then activate your mobile number (if you haven’t done this earlier). If you have, then you can log in.
  • Go to the tabs and select “Bundles” then tap on “HynetFlex bundles.”
  • Select any of the data plans.
  • Pick your best mode of payment. You can choose between your bank account and airtime.
  • Make payment to activate the bundle that you selected.