Naomi deLuce Wilding Wikipedia: Everything About Elizabeth Taylor Granddaughter And Look Alike

Naomi deLuce Wilding is not mentioned on Wikipedia yet because she is not a celebrity or famous personality by herself. People are curious about her relationship with her grandmother. 

Naomi deLuce Wilding is an American woman and renowned family member who is recognized because of her famous grandmother.

Well, as mentioned, she is not a popular personality by herself but still, there are still a few sources that have provided a lot of information regarding her.

Also, looking over the fact that out of her grandmother’s 10 grandchildren, she is probably the most popular non-celebrity one.

That is because she looks like an exact replica of her grandmother Elizabeth Taylor, but more on that later.

People seem to be a lot concerned regarding the matters of her personal life, rather than her professional life and other life matters.

Indeed, concerns regarding her relationship with her grandmother, her age, husband, and similar terms are rising in are currently at their peak on the web.

Naomi deLuce Wilding Age And Wikipedia: How Old Is She?

The age of renowned family member Naomi deLuce Wilding is about 45 years old.

She was born in the year 1976, but her exact date of birth is not revealed yet. A per her birth years, she is not older than 45 years old.

Moreover, she was born in the United States to a great and famous family who had a lot of renowned members.

Hence, she has had a great life since she was born and there are not many difficulties she has faced when it comes to living and opportunities.

Unlike her grandmother, she became a fashion Specialist and she is a pro in her field.

Now an owner of an art and fashion gallery, she is getting popular and ahead from the popularity she got because of her grandmother.

She is a philanthropist and her galleries are for the support of local and universal social causes.

Also, she has done a lot for different Aids foundations, because her grandmother always wanted to do so, and she even was actively engaged herself.

Who Is Elizabeth Taylor Granddaughter Naomi deLuce Wilding?

As mentioned, Naomi deLuce Wilding is the granddaughter of renowned and late British-American actress Elizabeth Taylor.

However, when it comes to the relationship between Naomi and Elizabeth the professional life never came ahead.

Well, this is not completely true because Elizabeth gave opportunities to her grandaughter Naomi by letting her meet renowned writers and fashion designers.

However, Naomi has stated that Elizabeth was her granny and that was the best thing that has happened to her.

She was not a renowned actress or a media personality for Naomi, but just her loving grandmother.

Also, Namoi has spent quite a lot of years staying with her grandmother at her house in LA.

What makes her special is the act that She is the exact replica of her grandmother Elizabeth and people find it really fascinating.

Meet Naomi deLuce Wilding Husband

Naomi deLuce Wilding is married to her husband Anthony Cran for about 7 years now.

However, they were together for much longer and they got married when Naomi was already over 40.

Like Naomi, her husband is also a person interested in art and fashion, so they created the Wilding Cran Gallery together, in Los Angeles.