Natasha Gott

Quick Facts

Birth Date September,1994
Full Name Natasha Gott
Birth Name Natasha Gott
Profession Actress
Nationality Indonesian
Birth City Jakarta
Birth Country Indonesia
Gender Identity Female
Horoscope Virgo
Marital Status Single
Height 166 cm
Weight 55 kg
Net worth 8000000
Twitter Link Twitter Link

American actress Natasha Gott gained notoriety following the 2013 release of her film After the Dark. She is a well-known TV and film actress.

On September 1, 1994, Natasha was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. Her zodiac sign is Leo, and she practices Christianity.

Family & Parents

Gott, the After the Dark actor, was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, and spent her early years there with her Australian mother and Indonesian father.

She later relocated to the USA where she spent her formative years caringly and lovingly raising her parents. Additionally, she detests sharing her private information on social media. Additionally, she hasn’t disclosed any information on social media regarding her parents’ occupations.

Relationship Status

In terms of her romantic situation, Natasha Gott has recently been single. She is currently completely focused on her work.

I’ve dated American men before.

However, Zalebs claims that she had a relationship with a charming American man, albeit he hasn’t been identified or given any further details. Actress Natasha prefers to keep her private relationships and personal life a secret, just like other famous people.

Net worth & Source of Income

Acting is Natasha Gott’s main source of income because she is a successful actor in TV shows, plays, and movies. Her professional experience has brought in a sizable sum of money for her.

Natasha is a very committed individual who is constantly thinking about her profession. She has a $8 million net worth. She appears to reside with her family in a luxurious home, despite not having a high net worth.

Height & Weight

Natasha Gott has lovely light brown eyes and blonde hair, which make her look stunning. She has a fair skin and an oval face shape and also has a respectable height of 5 feet 4 inches (166 cm) and a healthy weight of 55 kg. She worries deeply about her appearance and health because she works as an actress.

Social Media Activity

Natasha Gott is one of those people that avoids social media, if we’re talking about her life there. She seems to prefer a quiet existence.

Additionally, she does not have any recognized or official accounts by her name on any social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. Nevertheless, it is discovered that she is currently active on Twitter with the handle @natashagott.

Additionally, Natasha has more than 1,000 followers on Twitter.

She doesn’t have any wiki pages or LinkedIn profiles, but don’t worry—we’ll let you know as soon as she starts using any social media.

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Educational Background

Marlina actress Actress Natasha has a good education and attended Jakarta International School in Indonesia for her high school education. 2012 marked her graduation from the Jakarta school.

Additionally, when she was in school, she used to participate in a theater. Additionally, she had studied acting in-depth with Thomas Schulz, her acting teacher. However, details about her academic background and universities remain veiled.

Career Beginning

Throughout high school, Natasha worked in numerous theatrical productions, including the lead roles in “Flesh and Blood” and “Offending The Audience.”

When she was ten years old, she began acting and was selected for the role of Marlina. She portrayed a rocker rebel who entered a Muslim boarding school and disobeyed all of its regulations.

She then received numerous acting opportunities as a result of her commitment and effort.

The person who had a significant impact on Natasha’s advancement into this position was Thomas Schulz. Since her school days, he has been Natasha’s acting teacher. Recently, she has been working on the fantastic film After the Dark.

The Academy Award-winning film After Dark,

Science fiction film After the Dark, which won awards in 2013 and was produced by George Zakk, Cybill Lui, and John Huddles, was directed by John Huddles.

Natasha portrayed Astronaut Yoshika, who would reside safely on an island, in this film.

Olive Branch Productions SCTV and All Media Company both produced and distributed the television program After the Dark. The movie debuted on July 7, 2013.

Speaking of the movie clip, it was about a school in Indonesia where philosophy was being taught for the final time. However, twenty-one graduating seniors were given the challenge by school officials to select 10 people who would go underground refuge for a year and rebuild humanity after a nuclear attack.

The professor and individual pupils may have differing views on what abilities and skills will be most useful both during the year spent underground and in the years that follow as society is rebuilt. A crucial question was raised, and the entire plot of the film revolved around it.

Which is more beneficial to people and, thus, to society at large: art or science?

Awards and Film Achievement

Award-winning film After the Dark won the “Queensland Award” for director of photography as well as the “Territory Gold Award” for a production business.

Additionally, the film received a nomination for the “Golden Trailer.” It was a result of the dedication of the entire film crew.

IMDb Profile

Natasha has a page on IMDb where she is listed as having 10 acting credits. She receives the remaining credits as a producer and by herself.

Her IMDb also features a biography, movies in which she has appeared, and a lot more information about her.

Way of Life

Haunted House Natasha, an actress for Mimiko, has built a stable career for herself. By putting forth consistent effort and having a strong work ethic, she has made a decent life.

Despite this, she has always favored a simple lifestyle. She leads a modest life despite having a sizable financial worth. She is a genuine person, and it is safe to state that she has not changed despite achieving fame and popularity.