Nevada Lt. Governor Candidate Mack Miller Is Assaulted – Wikipedia Bio

Police attacked and pulled Mack Miller, a Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Nevada. Find out more information about him.

According to footage circulating on social media, Republican lieutenant governor candidate Mack Miller was dragged out of Clark County Commission chambers by two private security personnel, ending up on his back where he seemed injured.

As a result, the Army veteran seems furious in the video, which is reasonable.

Where Is He From?

Mack Miller was born and raised in Las Vegas.

He has developed a deep relationship with this city and those that come and make it their home as a Nevada native and is pleased to be a member of the business, charitable, and civil rights communities.

The ex-army dedicated his life to serving Nevada and was the founder of the Clark County Bar Association’s Trial By Peers Program, which teaches young people about the law and the juvenile justice system.

In Addition, he was also the first Trial By Peers youth attorney/counsellor in Nevada to try a criminal case through the program.

Mack Miller Wife And Family

The Republican contender keeps his personal life to himself.

His family features in many of his campaign appearances.

Miller appears to have been married and had children, but the specific details have not been released.

Mack Miller Wikipedia Bio

Mack Miller, a former Army officer, is running for Lieutenant Governor of Nevada.

He’s probably in his early sixties. His exact date of birth, however, has remained hidden.

The Soldier lacked a Wikipedia biography till now.

In the forthcoming elections, the republican is one of the favourites to win. He is also the creator of the Trial by Peers Program of the Clark County Bar Association.

He resolved to work for the well-being of people in his state after serving in the army. The politician is well-known for his generosity, business acumen, and involvement in the civil rights movement.

Furthermore, his campaign website has more information about him and his campaign.

Nevada Lt. Governor Candidate Mack Miller Is Assaulted

In one video shared to numerous Twitter accounts, Miller can be seen being taken backwards by cops out the chamber doors into the lobby and then hastily past a metal detector that nearly comes tumbling down. Miller takes a step backwards.

Miller is seen on the ground for almost 90 seconds, clutching a legal notebook in his right arm, before rising to his feet. Onlookers may be heard calling for an ambulance.

Miller does not appear to have received any medical attention. He did not respond to emails seeking comment on Wednesday.

According to county spokesperson Erik Pappa, the incident is being investigated.