Niaalove1 is a well-known YouTuber from the United States. Niaalove1 is well-known for her videos such as ‘Types of People First Day Back To High School’ and ’90 Vs Now’. Niaalove also owns the well-known shade company Le Chel Luxe.

How old is Niaalove1?

Shania Williams, Niaalove’s birth name, was born on January 30th, 1998. Her age is 23. Her birthplace is Los Angeles, California, and she is of American nationality. Her ethnic ethnicity, however, is unknown. Niaalove, like many other social media stars, has kept her personal life private. She does, however, have a younger brother, who she has highlighted on her YouTube channel. Her brother can be seen in two videos on her YouTube channel, titled “My Brother Does My Make-Up” and “Brother Prank.”

Furthermore, Niaalove has not provided any information about her academic qualifications in relation to her educational background. However, based on her age, she appears to be in college right now.

How much is Niaalove1 Net Worth?

Niaalove’s net worth as of March 2020 has not been publicly disclosed. Her net worth, however, is estimated to be in the $100,000-$1,000,000 range, according to page married biography. Furthermore, as the owner of the fashion eyewear brand, Le’Chel Luxe, in addition to YouTube, she earns a lot of money.

Who is Niaalove1 Husband?

Niaalove’s relationship status is that she is happily married to Angelo. Angelo is a YouTube sensation as well. There isn’t much information about how they met or their romantic relationship.

Similarly, her boyfriend has appeared in several of her YouTube videos, including “BOYFRIEND PICKS MY OUTFITS!!!,” “WHO KNOWS ME BETTER BROTHER VS BOYFRIEND,” and “Boyfriend rates my outfits.”

How tall is Niaalove1?

Niaalove is a lovely 22-year-old woman with a curvy figure. Her black curly hair and black eyes complement her appearance well. Her vital statistics, on the other hand, are unavailable. There is no information available about her height, weight, or vital body measurements such as her chest, waist, and hips.

Career line of Niaalove1

  • Niaalove1 is a YouTube sensation who first appeared on the platform on December 22, 2012. She shared content about her daily life, challenges, and pranks, among other things.
  • In her YouTube family, Niaalove has 591K subscribers. Niaalove’s first video, which featured her brother, was uploaded on July 6, 2014. This video, titled ‘My Brother Does My Make-Up,’ has received 28K views as of March 2020. Furthermore, Niaalove posts videos such as the ‘Whisper Challenge,’ ‘Chubby Bunny Challenge,’ and ‘Dumbest things ever said on the internet,’ among others.
  • Similarly, her most popular videos are ’90’s vs Now,’ ‘Types of People| First day back to high school,’ ‘What you say vs what you want to say to teachers,’ ‘Growing up Black,’ ‘Black Girl Struggles,’ and ‘Friends vs Best Friends,’ all of which have received over 1 million views. Furthermore, she posted a video titled ‘What’s on my iPhone 6Plus’, which was similar to a post titled ‘Krissy Grotez’ by another YouTuber.
  • Furthermore, on the 28th of December 2019, she uploaded her playlist songs titled “My 2019 Most Played Songs,” in which she discussed her favorite playlist of 2019.
  • Niaalove is the owner of the well-known eyewear brand Le’Chel Luxe, in addition to Youtube. It is a brand of sunglasses that was founded in 2019.