Norlaila Kyrgios Wikipedia: Find More About Nick Kyrgios Mother

Norlaila is the royal mother of Nick Kyrgios, an Australian Professional tennis player. She was born to a royal family and is a princess.

Her grandfather’s cousin was the Sultan (King) of Pahang. She gave up the title of princess and the royal roots for moving to Australia. She is fond of living a normal life rather than a royal life.

She has got a degree in musical theatre from Singapore University and got a job.

She is known as a royal mom and a model, actress, and dancer too. She also became a computer engineer too.

Norlaila Kyrgios Wikipedia: Nick Kyrgios Mother

Nick Kyrgios’s mother Norlaila Kyrgios hasn’t been featured on Wikipedia.

Even though she is in the limelight because of her son Nick.

Her son Nick is an Australian Professional tennis player listed in no.77 in the world in men’s single by the Association of Tennis Professionals.

Nick’s mother, Norlaila, is a brave, independent, and strong lady who forsakes all the prosperity she gains by birth. She was born in the Royal family in Gombak, district in Selangor, Malaysia.

She prefers normal life rather than a royal life. That’s why she moved to Australia in her 20’s to be independent.

The reason behind Nick’s successful career is his mother. She encouraged him and taught him to deal with his obesity when he wasn’t happy with tennis. She sent him to play tennis at a very young age, 6.

Norlaila married her husband Giorgos Kyrgios, who was a Greek house painter at that time.

The couple gave birth to their three children. Nick is the youngest one. His brother Christian is an advocate, and his sister Halimah is an actress.

They are living a happy family.

Norlaila Kyrgios Nationality

Norlaila’s nationality is Malaysian.

She was born in Malaysia and is a member of the Selangor royal family.

Though his son Nick is an Australian since she moved to Australia and became a resident there.

How Old Is Norlaila Kyrgios? Age & Height

Talking about her age, Norlaila Kyrgios must be around 50 years old.

Her actual date of birth and height is not revealed.

She made it private.

What Is Her Net Worth?

Norlaila’s net worth is not disclosed.

However, her son Nick’s net worth is estimated to be $8 Million.