Nutun Huq

Nutun Huq, Konnie Huq’s sister was brought into the world in Ealing in west London, England. She was the oldest among three sisters in her family. Every one of her sisters alongside her was brought into the world in England yet her folks Mohammad Huq and Roshan Ara Huq were from Bangladesh.

Family of Nutun Huq

Nutun Huq has two sisters more youthful than her, Konnie Huq, the most youthful sister, and Rupa Huq, the sister after her. Konnie Huq is a British TV moderator and an author who is as of now wedded to another superstar Charlie Brooker and has two children though Rupa Huq is a legislator, reporter, scholastic, and DJ.

Nutun’s Parents relocated from Bangladesh to London during the 1960s to give well-rounded schooling to Nutun and her sisters. Her dad, Muhammad Huq had an Asian eatery in Soho where acclaimed people groups used to come to eat. Nutun’s dad died because of prostate disease and her mom passed on certain years back on 21st May 2017.

How much is Nutun Huq Net Worth?

Nutun acquires her total assets as a draftsman and a kitchen originator. Konnie Huq’s oldest sister Nutun gets her compensation by planning kitchens and furthermore by overseeing others how to configuration rooms. An expert planner acquires $59,483 in normal yearly. As an engineer, Nutun additionally gathers her Net Worth from her calling as an Architect. It appears to be that she claims a burger house named Flaming Cow in Ealing as in the greater part of her tweets, she is promoting on the burgers accessible there.

Nutun’s most youthful sister, Konnie Huq, who is a TV character baggs total assets of $8 million which is equivalently more than her total assets. Her other sister, Rupa Huq additionally very much more than her net worth, with a net worth of $19 million starting in 2018.

Who is Nutun Huq Currently married to?

Nutun isn’t at the center of attention like her sisters Konnie and Rupa and she presumably doesn’t have any desire to share her own life and connections in the news and web-based media. There is no talk about her beau and issues till now.

Nutun appreciates having her own personality. She doesn’t favor herself being famous with her superstar sisters’ media character Konnie Huq and Politician Rupa Huq. Nutun is hitched to an Ahmed family. Nutun and her better half are honored with two children.

Nutun Huq’s Career line

  • Nutun examined engineering at London University and now an expert Architect and Kitchen fashioner.
  • Rupa and Konnie’s oldest sister Nutun would not like to be at the center of attention.
  • While Konnie Huq being a T.V moderator and spouse of English Producer Charlie Brooker gets very media consideration.