Olga Kay

Facts of Olga Kay
Full Name: Olga Karavaeva
Age: 38 years
Birthday: 20 Nov
Nationality: Russian-American
Horoscope: Scorpio
Marital status: Single
Net Worth: N/A
Height: 5 feet 0 inches
Profession: Youtuber, Social Media Personality, Writer, Actor, Entrepreneur
Eye Color: Hazel
Birth Place: Crimea (USSR)
Ethnicity: Russian

Olga Kay is a multitalented Russian-American woman. Olga Kay is a social media sensation, entrepreneur, writer, and actor.

How old is Olga Kay?

Olga Kay is 38 years old and was born on November 20, 1982. She is from Crimea, the Ukrainian SSR, and the USSR. In addition, her full name is Olga Sergeevna Karavaeva, and her Russian name is лa ереевна араваева.

She holds dual Russian and American citizenship. Olga completed her naturalization process as an American citizen in March 2016, making her an American citizen as well.

Olga has not disclosed much about her parents, siblings, or other family members. She hasn’t said much about her educational journey, either. Olga also has two cats, Mushka and Pishka, as well as a dog, Roxy.

Is Olga Kay dating someone?

Olga Kay could be single or in a romantic relationship. However, because she hasn’t shared much information about this issue, nor has she shared any social media posts about it, it’s impossible to confirm her relationship status. She’s also kept a clean public image, free of rumors, controversies, and scandals.

How tall is Olga Kay?

Olga Kay is approximately 1.55 meters (5 feet) tall and weighs approximately 50 kilograms. Aside from that, no information is available about her other body measurements, such as dress size, shoe size, chest-waist-hip measurements, and so on. Olga also has brown hair and entrancing hazel eyes.

Career line of Olga Kay

  • Olga Kay is a multi-talented personality in the professional world. She is well-known as an internet sensation/celebrity, a performer, a writer, and an entrepreneur. Olga spent her childhood training to be a professional circus juggler. Olga later shifted her focus to acting and video production.
  • Olga then launched her own YouTube channel, “OlgaKay,” in 2006. Emo Girl and Olga Kay’s Show were among her early creations. Olga has four YouTube channels in total, and when all of them were combined in 2013, she had approximately a million subscribers.
  • Olga has appeared in web shows such as MyMusic, Olga Kay’s Show, YouTube Assassin, Ladies of Rap, and Annoying Orange, in addition to social media.
  • She also appeared in the 2006 romantic comedy The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold as a supporting actress opposite Christy Carlson Romano. Olga also hosted the Rogue Pictures Web series Tube Top. Olga has also worked with musicians such as Joe Nation and Shane Dawson.
  • Olga Kay’s YouTube channel was named one of the top 100 channels by New Media Rockstars in 2014. Her channel was number 47 on the list. Moosh Walks, a media and retail company, was also founded the same year. She did this to inspire her female fan base to be entrepreneurs.
  • After settling down in Los Angeles in 2004, Olga began acting and juggling in television shows such as CSI: NY and The Benvenuti Family. Olga began attending YouTube events as well. She collaborated with YouTubers such as Shay Carl, SxePhil, and CTFxC to promote her online videos.
  • Moosh Walks was established by Olga Kay. It is a media and retail brand that seeks to empower young girls through leadership storytelling. Her first characters were released as a line of 3D socks in 2014.
  • The knee-high socks are decorated with a variety of character designs as well as external ears. Olga explained that she wanted to be more than just another YouTuber with a logo on a T-shirt, so she designed socks with ears.
  • Furthermore, through a pre-order campaign, Olga Kay immediately recouped her initial investment in manufacturing the socks. At the 2015 Emmy Awards, Moosh Walks was showcased in the style lounge.
  • Olga Kay sold both unisex and baby socks as of January 2016. She was also working with Throwboy on pillow designs. Mushka, a new sock character, was introduced in 2017. Her cat inspired her to create this character. Moosh Walks was named one of the top women-owned businesses on Amazon in 2018.
  • Olga Kay’s YouTube comedy channel debuted in 2006. The following year, in 2009, she launched her second YouTube channel, “Olga Kay 2.”
  • Behind-the-scenes videos are the focus of this channel. Olga Kay’s Show and Emo Girl are a couple of her recurring shows. Olga takes on the role of Razor Blade, a comedic emo version of herself in the latter.
  • Later, Olga Kay launched a third channel called “Olga Kay Games.” Olga’s channel features comedic presentations of video games. She also has a fourth YouTube channel, “Mooshville.” Fashion and beauty are the focus of this channel. The name “Moosh” is derived from her cat’s nickname.
  • Mooshville also includes the short film What’s in My Purse?, which was shot at the YouTube soundstage in Playa Vista, California. The Pajama Party show is also included. It’s a makeup review show with guests like Hannah Hart, Taryn Southern, and Shane Dawson. Mooshoos, a custom shoe brand, is also named after Moosh.
  • Her four YouTube channels had 1.2 million subscribers as of July 2015. In addition, on October 31, 2015, she launched her successful series Will It Juggle? She made the announcement at the first-ever Stream Con NYC.
  • Olga Kay has appeared in a number of documentaries and webisodes in the role of herself. Butterflies, a 2009 feature film, is one of them. Olga later appeared in Shane Dawson TV, JoeNationTV, and The Annoying Orange in 2011.
  • The following year, Olga worked with Jack Douglass on the short comedy video “Olga Kay: How to Control Your Dreams!” She’s also appeared in some Jack Douglass’s Your Grammar Is Bad videos.
  • Olga also appeared as a raver in the YouTube original channel initiative show MyMusic in 2012. The Rogue Pictures web show Tube Top was then hosted by Olga. This show has been named one of YouTube’s top shows/videos. Toby Turner also appeared in the short film “Olga Kay Goes Haywire” with Olga Kay.
  • Olga has also taken part in VidCon. She was also interviewed on New Mediacracy and Rhett and Link’s Ear Biscuits. She has also collaborated with companies such as Microsoft, Ford, Google, Relativity Media, Axe, Capcom, Nintendo, Virgin Mobile, and Xbox.