Ottavia Busia

Ottavia Busia is a successful martial artist from Italy who excels in many different areas. She became well-known, nevertheless, because of her association with the late American TV personality Anthony Bourdain. Ottavia and Bourdain first connected at a certain Japanese eatery. After participating in multiple episodes of Anthony’s show, Busia rose to fame.

Despite becoming a mother, her fitness routine and training program are well-liked by her admirers and followers. Busia continues to serve as an example for others and maintains a balanced lifestyle. Keep reading to learn more about her personal life, professional debut, and other fascinating details.

Who is Ottavia Busia?

Busia was born on July 11, 1965, in Sardinia, Italy. She was raised in a small village in the Lombardy region of northern Italy. She has Caucasian ancestry and is of Italian origin. Given that she was born on July 11, her horoscope is Cancer. She is also the sister-in-law of Christopher Bourdain. Although we don’t know the exact name of the school she attended, we do know that it was in Sardinia. She left, nonetheless, in order to focus on her martial arts training. This may have resulted from her engagement in fighting when she was younger.

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Ottava used this outlet to concentrate her energies on developing into a more mellow and steady person. When Ottavia was young, she began obsessively following the rock group Ireland. Her love of martial arts and certain music helped her get through her adolescent years.

How did Ottavia Busia start her MMA career?

She wanted to be a dentist, but her love of rock prompted her to look for more of it. Ottavia Busia finally moved to New York City in 2000. Busia started her career there by working in a number of restaurants. She quickly struggled and eventually found herself in charge of Geisha. By coincidence, Busia got the opportunity to meet her future spouse at the Japanese eatery. Later, she has had extensive martial arts training throughout her career. At the Rizio Gracie Academy, she also got instruction and specialized in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Ottavia Busia’s MMA career took off when she began taking part in competitions.

Busia performs in the entertainment sector as well. Along with other brilliant actors, she appeared in the film No Reservations. She entered the public eye after becoming married to famed chef Anthony Bourdain, saying, “When it comes to eating, I never deny myself anything.”

To whom is Ottavia Busia wed?

When Busia was serving as acting general manager of Geisha, the two fell in love there. They started dating in 2006 after falling in love nearly immediately. Ottavia became Anthony Bourdain’s second wife after he wed Nancy Putkoski in the past. The relationship progressed swiftly. On April 9, 2007, they gave birth to their first child a few months later. The outcome was a stunning wedding on April 20, 2007. As she gained popularity, social media started to become overrun with their images.

Ottavia with her ex-husband
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Who is the daughter of Ottavia Busia?

Ariane Bourdain was Ottavia’s first child, and she started training in mixed martial arts after that. She tried them in an effort to slim down. But after picking up some fundamental skills, she developed a deeper fascination with various fighting strategies. And after taking extra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes, she eventually entered the MMA.

Why did Ottavia decide to end her marriage?

Because of the odd nature of their union, they lived much of their lives apart. In addition, Bourdain frequently traveled for his job. Spend over 250 days away from home each year as a result. It was difficult to preserve the bond since Bourdain spent so little time with his family. The pair eventually got a divorce in 2016. However, the breakup wasn’t finalized until Bourdain’s sad passing in 2018. He allegedly used a bath towel to commit suicide in France. Nevertheless, even after the divorce, the couple remained in a harmonious relationship.

Ottavia kept silent throughout the time of her ex-death. husband’s But on June 11, 2018, three days later, she finally broke her silence with an emotional Instagram post that included their kid.

Ottavia, Anthony, and Ariana enjoying a meal

“Our young child performed today. She was incredible. SO bold and powerful. She was dressed in the boots you gave her. I hope your trip is going well. Anywhere you are.

Is Ottavia Busia social butterfly?

Busia use social media often. Therefore, she has a considerable following on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. She has more than 40.5k followers on Twitter. She also has more than 84.8K Instagram followers. @ottaviabourdain is the username for her personal account.

What is the net worth of Ottavia Busia?

The estimated net worth of Ottavia Busia is $1 million. Additionally, MMA athletes receive a $35,000 yearly pay. This has also helped the Italian talent’s financial situation. She also got a large sum of money for her part in the popular love film No Reservations, which brought in almost $92 million at the box office. Her late husband had a net worth of $16 million and left a sizable inheritance for his former spouse and child. They formerly resided in a $3.35 million house together. He allegedly left his devoted daughter $1.2 million before he away.

How does Busia look physically?

Her eyes and hair are both dark brown, and she is a martial artist. The measurements of Ottavia’s body are 35-27-34. She stands around 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 55 kg.



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