Percy Hynes White

Quick Facts

Full Name Percy Hynes White
Height 170cm
Nationality Canadian
Date of Birth 2001/10/8
Birth Country Canada
Birth Place St. John’s, Newfoundland
Horoscope Libra
Father Name Joel Thomas Hynes
Mother Name Sherry White
Profession Actor
Net worth $1.5 Million
Social Media Instagram

The son of well-known figures in the entertainment industry Joel Thomas Hynes and Sherry White, actor Percy Hynes White originated the role of Andy Strucker in the TV series The Gifted.

In the television series The Gifted, which ran from 2017 to 2019, Canadian actor Percy Hynes White portrayed Andy Strucker. In addition to this, he has been in a number of films and television shows, including Transplant, Age of Summer, Pretty Hard Cases, and others.

He is more well-known since he is the son of Joel Thomas Hynes and Sherry White, two well-known figures in the entertainment industry.

Age & Birth Information

Percy Hynes White was born in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, on October 8, 2001. Being from a reputable and well-known family, he did not experience much hardship as a child.

White was born under the Libra zodiac sign, according to his birth date. Due to Percy’s preference to keep his private life hidden, not much is known about his early years or academic career.

White is said to have improved his acting abilities over a two-year study at a drama school in his hometown of St. John.

Net wroth & Source of Income

According to estimates, Percy Hynes White has acquired a net worth of $1.5 million throughout the course of his professional career. He is still a rising celebrity, therefore he could land several lucrative assignments in the future and amass a large fortune.

In addition, Percy’s mother is thought to be worth $3 million, while Joel Hynes, Percy’s father, is thought to be worth $20 million.

Relationship Status

Percy Hynes White is now seeing a girl, although he hasn’t revealed who she is. On his Instagram, he posted a photo of a woman who can be considered his girlfriend.

Both their relationship and their initial experience have not been made public by the pair. The couple might soon move on to a more advanced stage of their relationship.

Sherry White as the mother

Sherry White is a Canadian actor and screenwriter who has made significant contributions to the country’s entertainment sector. She and Florida-based Playboy, who shares the same name as her, are frequently confused. The actor earned her education from Grenfell College in Corner Brook and Memorial University in Newfoundland.

She attended classes at the Grenfell campus alongside other well-known celebrities like Susan Kent, Adriana Maggs, and Jonny Harris. In her IMDb profile, she has 9 credits as a director, 24 credits as a writer, 16 credits as an actress, and 15 credits as a producer from her career. We can infer that Sherry possesses a variety of skills.

Sherry has earned numerous honors for her work in the entertainment sector, including the Canadian Screen Award for Best Original Screenplay for the movie Maudie at the 6th Canadian Screen Awards in 2018. Sherry has worked on a variety of projects, including Little Orphan, Pretty Hard Cases, Burden of Truth, Nurses, and others.

released a trailer on Wednesday

The series about the Addams family The preview for the trailer debuted on Wednesday. Percy Hynes portrays Xavier Thorpe, a gregarious and supernaturally talented guy who also happens to possess the same power as his father, in this television series.

In this television series, Wednesday Addams discovers how to handle her growing psychic ability, puts an end to a terrifying killing spree that has terrified the community, and solves the supernatural case that has been plaguing her family for 25 years.

In the television series Wednesday, Catherina Zeta-Jones will play Morticia Addams, Wednesday’s mother.

Professional life

It was clear that White would follow in his parents’ footsteps because both of his parents work in the entertainment industry. In the X-Men-inspired Fox TV pilot Gifted, Percy Hynes White makes his acting debut.

His first character was the mutant Andy Strucker. After then, he made subsequent appearances in films including Milton’s Secret, Down to the Earth, and The Grand Seduction.

33 acting credits from Percy Hynes’ career are included on his IMDb page. He is still young and will have a significant effect both as an actor and as a writer, producer, or director, similar to his parents. He may even pursue other areas of the entertainment industry.

Joel Thomas Hynes, father

In addition to his wife, Joel Thomas Hynes is a multi-talented individual who has made contributions to the entertainment sector as a writer, actor, and musician.

The CBC comedy series Little Dog is both his creation and production. He has written and directed two notable short films, and most recently, the well-regarded drama Cast No Shadow, in which he also has a big role, won the Michael Weir Award for Best Atlantic Screenwriter.

He has accumulated 41 acting credits, 3 producing credits, 8 writing credits, and 2 directing credits throughout his career.

Joel has worked on a number of projects, including Little Dog, Pretty Hard Cases, Down to the Earth, Clipper Gold, and others.

Pet Lover

One eye of the dog that Percy Hynes owns is blind. He has dubbed his fluffy, white and grey female puppy, Junebug, his pet.

Percy Hynes posts pictures of his time with his puppy on Instagram. Although he hasn’t talked much about his dog, it is apparent that he is one of those people who adores animals.


Percy Hynes enjoys eating homemade, varied cookies. He also enjoys listening to Lil Uzi Vert’s songs as well as hip-hop and rap.

Tom Hanks is his favorite actor, and Holden Caulfield from The Catcher in the Rye is his favorite fictional character. The X-men mutant character Legion is the favorite of the actor who played Adam Strucker.

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Height & Weight

Early in his thirties and yet quite a teen, Percy Hynes. He has pale skin, dark brown hair that he likes to keep dyed blonde, and appealing green eyes.

With a height of 5 feet and 7 inches, or 170 cm, and a weight of 65 kg, or 140 lbs, with a lean body type, he is also a tall man. He doesn’t have any piercings or tattoos.

His jaw structure and nose are two of his standout facial features.

On  Social Media

Percy Hynes establishes his online presence using social media. Through social media channels, he updates his followers on his whereabouts and daily activities.

Hynes has been using the Instagram account @percy, which has more than 74k followers, to publish pictures and videos of his personal and professional lives as well as beautiful material.

Additionally, the Gifted actor has a Twitter account with the identity @PercyHWhite, however it has a far smaller following than his Instagram one.