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Peter Berg

Never on Tuesday, A Midnight Clear, Fire in the Sky, and Cop Land star Peter Berg as an actor, director, producer, and writer. Very Bad Things, Hancock, Battleship, Friday Night Lights, and Lone Survivor are among the films he has directed. He’s also starred alongside Tom Cruise in the films Collateral and Lions for Lambs. ….

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Never on Tuesday, A Midnight Clear, Fire in the Sky, and Cop Land are just a few of Peter Berg’s acting and directing credits. With his debut TV series 21 Jump Street at the age of 26, he has been working in the business since he was 26 years old.

Since his debut in Hollywood, the 55-year-old actor has directed films such as Very Bad Things, Hancock, Battleship, Friday Night Lights, and Lone Survivor, in addition to acting in them.

Among all of these roles, his performance of Dr. Billy Kronk on Chicago Hope in 1994 received the greatest appreciation and affection. Plus, there’s more. Berg is gearing up for a big year in 2019, 2020, and beyond, directing and producing Wonderland, Manhattan Finest, Mile 33, and Hancock Returns until 2024.

Peter Burg’s Net Worth: How Much Is He Worth?

Peter is reported to have a net worth of $40 million, surpassing many other renowned Hollywood figures, thanks to his successful productions and directed films during his career. He possesses a beautiful property in Los Angeles, California, with expensive materials and services, in addition to his vast net worth.

Peter launched a new branded content division called “Film 47” in March of this year, making it the company’s fourth division. He has also just directed ESPN’s College Football Playoff Campaign, which will bring him even more success.

Peter’s Girlfriend: Who Is She?

Peter was going through a horrible divorce when he released his film Very Bad Things, according to the New York Times magazines. Elizabeth Rogers, his ex-wife, was a Calvin Klein agent on the West Coast. They married in 1993 and divorced five years later in 1998.

Their only son, Emmet, is the enraged boy from Peter’s 2006 film Friday Night Lights, which he directed.

Following his divorce from Elizabeth, Peter began dating Canadian actress Estella Warren, whom he dated for four years, from 2002 to 2006. He was spotted dating comedian Whitney Cummings again after a six-year hiatus. Despite having the same occupation, the couple who looked so happy and at ease with each other a year ago couldn’t even last a year.

Their breakup made news in October 2013 and everyone was stunned.

It’s been six years since Peter hasn’t shown up with his rumored love interest. As a result, his current romantic relationship remains a mystery to the general public. Berg enjoyed spending time with his son Emmett, who has also followed in his footsteps, as evidenced by his Instagram posts.


Peter is undeniably straight and not gay, as evidenced by his several stories with various ladies. Many LGBT people, on the other hand, once insulted him, neglected him, and asked him to join the LGBT community. The basis for the rumors was that he had chastised ESPN for presenting Caitlyn Jenner (transwoman) with a “courage” award. In his emails, which were loaded with hate and nasty words at the time, he was also referred to as uncivilized and homophobic.

Thankfully, Berg clarified in an interview that he is not anti-transgender and was not attempting to upset anyone, but rather was attempting to clarify what the media should focus on more. Furthermore, he clarified that he is friendly with Caitlyn and that she was not insulted by his message.


Peter Berg (born Peter Winkler Berg) was born on March 11, 1962, in New York, California, to Sally Ann and Laurence Gillen Berg. His paternal grandparents were Russian Jews, while his maternal grandparents were German and Austrian Jews, hence he is Jewish.

Berg also has a long history with Albert Einstein, the great theoretical scientist. Moyses Einstein, his maternal seventh-great-grandfather, is also Albert Einstein’s fourth-great-grandfather.

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