Philip DeFranco

Facts of Philip DeFranco:
Full Name: Philip DeFranco
Age: 35 years
Nationality: American
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Wife: Lindsay DeFranco
Net Worth: $6 million
Height: N/A
Profession: York City, New York, United State
Sibling: N/A
Father: Philip Franchini Sr
Mother: N/A

Philip DeFranco is a YouTube sensation and news commentator from the United States. Philip DeFranco is well-known for creating numerous channels and posting various Vlogs and news about politics and pop culture. His most notable event was an internet conversation with US Vice President Joe Biden.

What is the Age of Philip DeFranco?

Philip is a 34-year-old American Youtuber and Blogger who was born on December 1, 1985, in New York City, New York, United States. His full name, however, is Philip James DeFranco Jr. The father’s name is Philip Franchini Sr, and his mother’s name is not yet known. He also has a stepmother. Similarly, he was raised Catholic but later converted to religion and is of Italian ethnicity. His astrological sign is Sagittarius.

Formal Education of Philip DeFranco

Philip went to the University of South Florida to study. He then went on to study Biology at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College. He attended East Carolina University but did not earn a bachelor’s degree.

How much is Philip DeFranco Net Worth?

His income comes from YouTube, as a news commentator, and through video blogging. He earns between $48.5k and $774.2k per year from YouTube. He owns a house in New York and several cars, including an RX8 and a BMW 4 series. As of 2019, Philip’s net worth is estimated to be around $6 million.

Awards and Achievements of Philip DeFranco

Throughout his illustrious career, Philip has received numerous awards. In 2008, he was named Wired magazine’s sexiest Geek. He was nominated for God of the Year 2nd Streamy Awards in 2010. In 2013, he won Best News Series at the 2nd IAWTV Awards, Best News and Culture Series at the 3rd Streamy Awards, and was nominated for Best Writing (Non-Fiction) and Best First-Person Series. Later, he won the Audience Choice Award for Best Series of the Year and was nominated for Best Live Series and Best Live Event for 2012 Election Night Coverage.

The Philip DeFranco Show was nominated for Audience Choice for Best Show of the Year at the 4th Streamy Awards in 2014, and SourceFed won News and Current Events and was nominated for Audience Choice for Best Show of the Year the same year. The Philip DeFranco Show was nominated for five Streamy Awards in 2015, including Best News and Culture Series and Audience Choice for Best Show of the Year.

Similarly, The Philip DeFranco Show won Best News and Culture, as well as Audience Choice for Best Show of the Year Series, at the 6th Streamy Awards in 2016. The show was then nominated for Best News and Culture Series at the 7th Streamy Awards in 2017, as well as Audience Choice for Best Show of the Year. Similarly, the show won Best News and Culture Series at the 8th Streamy Awards in 2018 and was nominated for Audience Choice for Best Show of the Year.

Who is Philip DeFranco Married to?

On March 7, 2015, DeFranco married his long-term girlfriend Lindsay DeFranco. His wife writes a travel blog. They first met at a YouTube event in 2007. They have two sons together. Philip Trey and Carter William are their names.

He lives in Encino, Los Angeles, with his wife and two sons as of 2020. Their first son, Philip James DeFranco, was born in 2014, and their second son, Carter William DeFranco, was born in 2017. After previously residing in San Fernando and Sherman Oaks, the couple relocated to Encino in late 2019. In terms of health, he suffers from polycystic kidney disease, which he inherited from his father and grandfather.

Controversies of Philip DeFranco

DeFranco was embroiled in a controversy after his company, “BetterHelp,” was accused of charging unfair prices. He was rumored to be involved because he used to promote the company through his channel. After that, a number of high-profile YouTubers chastised him. However, he later tweeted that he had ended his relationship with the company.

How Tall is Philip DeFranco?

Philip DeFranco has a physically fit body. He has a height of 6 feet and 1 inch. And his weight has yet to be disclosed. Likewise, he has brown eyes and hair. Aside from these details, no information about his body measurements is available.

Career Line of Philip DeFranco

  • Philip DeFranco began his YouTube career at East Carolina University in 2006. Later, in 2007, he launched The Philip DeFranco Show, a YouTube channel dedicated to pop culture and news, formally known as ‘sxephil.’
  • There weren’t many people posting online content at first, so it was much easier for him to gain attention with his videos. He was able to gain many fan followers, including teenaged girls, in a short period of time.
  • After the premiere of ‘The Philip DeFranco Show’ in 2007, his channel grew in popularity. Currently, his YouTube channel features the online series The Philip DeFranco Show (Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday!) and Solos & Deep Dives.
  • Similarly, his videos are centered on current events, politics, and celebrity gossip, in which he expresses his thoughts, usually in an ironic tone and with frequent jump cuts to create a fast-paced feel.
  • He has over 5 million followers. His channel became one of the top five most subscribed to of all time in the late 2000s.
  • His second YouTube channel, “PhilipDeFranco,” also produces a daily vlog series called “The Vloggity.” He also has two more channels that he manages. In July 2010, he co-created the show CuteWinFail with Toby Turner.
  • The following year, he co-created ‘Hooking Up,’ an HBOLabs web series, with Jessica Rose and Kevin Wu. In January 2012, he launched a news website and YouTube channel called ‘SourceFed,’ which was previously produced by James Haffner.
  • This new channel focused primarily on news, pop culture, and technology. Before being canceled in March 2017, the channel had established itself as a remarkably successful one, with over 1.7 million subscribers and 907 million video views.
  • His large audience helped him win a Spore Creature Creator contest and Wired’s Sexiest Geek of 2008 award, both of which were open access online polls.
  • On May 1, 2017, he posted a video stating that he is no longer a part of an MCN (Multi-Channel Network) and is now an independent creator for the first time in four years. He claims that it is a necessary change that must take place in order to create the next great news network.
  • He then established DeFrancoElite. It’s a Patreon-based fan-fun initiative. As a result, he worked independently to avoid interference from corporate interests and to avoid being forced to talk about something they don’t want to talk about.
  • He received over 10,500 patrons within the first 24 hours of executing the video and as many as 16,700 patrons, but as of August 8, 2017, he had 15,979 patrons.
  • He has the site’s second-largest audience and is expected to earn the most money. Chapotraphouse had earned the most money before him. He’s even gotten some flak for starting a Patreon, particularly from YouTuber Keemstar.
  • Following that, in January 2012, Philip DeFranco, Elliott Morgan, and Meg Turney launched SourceFed, which closed in March 2017 and focuses primarily on popular culture, news, and technology.
  • The channel Philip Defranco, on the other hand, was sold to Discovery Digital Network. Then he launched the ForHumanPeoples channel, which was later renamed Nuclear Family.
  • Then he launched the Super Panic Frenzy channel and TheDeFrancoFam, a vlogging channel where he posts content from his family.
  • Besides creating numerous YouTube channels, he also created numerous online hows that became popular among viewers. Some of his online shows include ‘ооking Uр,’ ‘undау Fundау,’ ‘hе Frdау hоw,’ ‘NFW аturdау,’ and others.
  • Similarly, h сhаnnеl ‘оurсеFеd,’ which wа fundеd bу Gооglе tеlf, аlоng with аll hеr оthеr сhаnnеl. Later on, it wа оld tо Dсоvеrу Dgtаl Nеtwоrk.
  • Later, he became involved in the creation of his аnоthеr channel, ‘Fоrumаnеорlе.’ His channel was based on thе mеrсhаndе n thе аmе nаmе. Then he was transferred to another kеtсh сhаnnеl known as the ‘Nuсlеаr Fаmlу.’
  • Furthermore, hе wа а раrt оf thе gаming сhаnnеl ‘uрреr аnс Frеnzу’ thаt fеаturеd mаnу оthеr сеlеbrtе thаt wеrе gnеd bу Dсоvеrу Dgtаl.