Philippe Pozzo di Borgo

Facts of  Philippe Pozzo di Borgo
Age: 68 years
Birth Country: France
Birth Date: February 14
Birth Place: Paris
Birth Year: 1951
Height: 2 Feet 10 Inches
Horoscope: Aquarius
Martial Status: Single
Nationality: French
Net Worth: $500,000 – $1 Million
Profession: Entrepreneur
Weight: 344 lbs (156 kg)

Philippe Pozzo di Borgo is a French businessman and author from Corsica. In addition, he is known for the inspiring story of his own writer’s life. In the films The Intounchables (2011), Oopiri (2016), Inseparables & The Upside, we can also see his biographical story (2019). Borgo is also the director of Pommery and owner of an inherited Parisian Hotel Particulier.

Philippe had an inspiring and motivating accident in 1993 that led him to be paralyzed under the waist. Since then he used a wheelchair so that he wrote in the book The Intouchables his recovery story (2011). Apart, twice in his life, he married. He’s also the father of four kids. What’s the value of his net? Stay tuned to us for more details.

Philippe Pozzo di Borgo’s Age and Family

Philippe Pozzo di Borgo was born in France on 14 February 1951. He is also his father’s second son, Pozzo Di Borgo, and Marquis de Vouge’s mother. He grew up in a French Corsican family, named the 1500s Nobel family. Similarly, it is a French citizen and a Corsican ethnic group.

After his college degree, he worked in the champagne industry. During his work as Pommery’s Director in the industry, he also served as Moet and Chandon’s Manager. However, in 1993, he suffered diabetes quadriplegic, which caused him a paragliding accident. The accident changed his life when he was paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair underneath his waist.

But he didn’t lose his hope and determination, so he hired Abdel Sallou, an assistant. His assistant helps him overcome pain and anxiety that will help him to write his life story later on. In addition, he wrote the book The Intouchables that became popular and inspired many to overcome their pain. In addition, his biography films were also a great hit, and around 50 million people around the world were watching them.

Who is Philippe Pozzo di Borgo Wife?

The inspiring and motivating Pozzo di Borgo is currently living a happy married life, moving towards personal life. He married Khadija Najimi. On 22 November 2004 they walked down to the aisle. Since then the couple have helped and supported each other in their lives. He’s also very happy with his wife.

We can often see him attending events and shows with his wife. Moreover, two children from their happy married life share the couple. In addition, he was previously married to Beatrice Henriette Lucie ROCHE. The couple lived a happy life until his wife was killed on May 3, 1996, because of cancer.

Her happy married life ended when, just after three years of her accident, she died on 3 May 1996. Moreover, his wife’s loss made him shattered and hopeless. But he overcomes his assistant’s pain. Besides, the couple had two adopted Columbian children.

Philippe Pozzo di Borgo is a Father of Four

Philippe is 69 years old and enjoys his happy fatherhood life with his four kids. His first wife, Beatrice, has two children. But his wife faced five miscarriages, so they decided to adopt two Columbian children. They are Laetitia Pozzo di Borgo, a girl, and Robert-Jean Pozzo di Borgo, a boy.

Besides, from his second marriage, he has two biological children. The couple has two beautiful girls, Sabah Pozzo di Borgo and Na Pozzo di Borgo, together. In addition, all his kids seem to grow up and live a happy life with them. He and his wife take care of the psychological and physical growth of their children in full. From now on, he is living with his wife and four children in happy parenthood.

What’s the value of Philippe Pozzo di Borgo’s Net Worth?

From his work as a businessman and writer, Philippe Pozzo di Borgo has earned a decent amount of money. Moreover, he worked as a motivational speaker and runs a Pommery company. Besides, The Intouchables, based on his book, in 2011 has a $426.6 million box office collection over a budget of $10.8 million.

Moreover, the 2019 film The Upside based on his recovery from the accident collected 12.9 million dollars over a 37.5 million dollar budget. He also interviewed a TV for many shows that could have earned him some money. He lives a happy life with his wife and children with such a decent amount of income.

Career Line of Philippe Pozzo di Borgo

  • In 2001, he published a book entitled “A Second Wind: A Memoir” in which Philippe described his tragic events and his rediscovery of love.
  • In 2012, Sellou wrote his own version, called “You have changed my life.” In his book, Abdel tells his story from his career as a pickpocket to his job as a quadriplegic person.
  • The foundation for the film, Intouchables, was his book Le Second Souffle. The director was Éric Toledano and Olivier Nakache. Omar Sy and François Cluzet are the stars in the film.
  • Intouchables has won the César Best Actor Award in France for Omar Sy. More than 20 million people in France saw it in the first year of its release, The Globe And Mail reported.
  • In 2013, Pozzo became the Ambassador of Wheeling Around the World, an association founded in 2013 by Alexandre Bodart Pinto, Paraplegic, and Globetrotter.
  • The Upside, an American film written by Jon Hartmere and directed by Neil Burger, was released in 2017.
  • It’s a restoration of The Intouchables. The Upside at the global box office amounted to more than $125 million. It premiered at the International Film Festival in Toronto.