Photo: Who Is Fiston Ngoy? Ngoy Name Origin and Arrested Charges

The photo of Fiston Ngoy is all over the internet as he has been arrested on charges for assault and rape. Here is what happened on a train in Northeast Philadelphia. 

The other riders on the train did not do anything when the rapist was involved in the misconduct. Nobody bothered to call 911 and just witnessed the act silently.

The SEPTA employee, then, made the call to the police and intervene in the matter. Upper Township Police Superintendent Timothy Bernhardt expressed his sadness about how nobody moved forward to help the woman.

Photo: Who Is Fiston Ngoy?

Fiston Ngoy, whose photos are circulating on the internet is a man who allegedly raped a woman on a public train on Wednesday night. He is a 35 years old man who sexually assaulted a woman on the train which was heading towards the town of Upper Darby.

The police identified him through the surveillance footage that caught him sexually assaulting the woman. There is not much information provided by the police about him.

Reports said that the woman is said to have been taken to the hospital following the assault. Bernhardt told NBC Philadelphia that he called the woman on Friday and she said that she was doing okay after being treated.

Fiston Ngoy Name Origin

The surname of Fiston Ngoy is commonly found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, according to google. However, the police have not mentioned his origin as of yet.

He is called a Pennsylvania man so we believe he currently resides in the state. The authorities have not disclosed any further information regarding his heritage or background.

He is, however, a person of color, as seen in the photos. It may be possible his origin follows back to some other country as well. But, since we are not sure of it, we can only say he is from Pennsylvania.

Fiston Ngoy Arrested Over Rape Charges

Fiston Ngoy has been arrested for attacking a woman aboard a train. The employee of SEPTA informed the police about the incident and the accused was soon taken into custody.

Based on surveillance footage, he has been charged with rape and sexual assault. The police have not made any further comments regarding his arrest or court appearance.

SEPTA has requested the witnesses to contact the authorities. They also urged anyone who sees any criminal activity happening around to call 911.