Praise Mary Ella Simmons Age: How Old Is DMX Daughter?

 Praise Mary Ella Simmons is the daughter of DMX, whose age and birthday are mentioned down below. Scroll till the end to update your knowledge on the famous DMX family.

Praise Mary Ella Simmons is the daughter of DMX and his ex-wife, Tashera Simmons. She is the only daughter of the couple and hence, is very popular among both celebrities’ fans.

Name Praise Mary Ella Simmons
Birthday April 18, 2005
Age 15 years
Gender Female
Nationality American
Parents DMX (Father) Tashera Simmons (Mother)
Siblings Tacoma and Xavier Simmons (Brothers)
Instagram princess_awsome28

What Is Her Net Worth?

Praise Mary Ella Simmons’s net worth is not on the display since she is still a student.

Nonetheless, her father, DMX, is reported to have an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Is She On Instagram?

Yes, Praise Mary Ella Simmons is available on Instagram as @princess_awsome28.

However, she has kept her Instagram handle privately. Hence, her posts are limited only to her followers. Apart from Instagram, she is not available on any other social networking sites.

Meet Her Siblings

Praise Mary Ella Simmons has two siblings: brothers Xavier and Tacoma born to her father DMX and mother Tashera.

Xavier is currently in his late 20s and is an actor, author, and recording artist. Tacoma is currently 21 years old and has chosen the career of a musical composer.

Similarly, Praise is also siblings with other 12 children from her father DMX’s extramarital affairs whilst he was still together with Tashera. DMX has often been sued by his former girlfriends for child support cases.

Praise Mary Ella Simmons Age: How Old Is DMX Daughter?

Praise Mary Ella Simmons is currently 15 years of age since she was born in 2005.

Her birthday falls on April 15 every year. Her mother, Tashera Simmons, has revealed that she had always wanted a daughter and gave birth to Praise after two sons.

Considering the fact that she is still 15 years old, she has yet to attend high school as of now. Meanwhile, the information on Praise’s school and activities are not disclosed to the public yet.