Reminisce Smith

Remy Ma is the stage name of Reminisce Smith, an American rapper. Ante Up (Remix), Lean Back, Conceited, and All the Way Up are among her hit songs.

Remy was a member of the late Big Pun’s Hip Hop group Terror Squad. Remy Net Worth is estimated to be $4 million by Celebrity Net Worth.

Childhood of Reminisce Smith

Remy was born on May 30, 1981, in the Bronx, New York, in an African-American neighborhood. As her family was associated with chronic drug use, she faced a slew of battles in her youth.

Remy is burdened by responsibilities and must act as a mother figure to her younger siblings. She was a huge fan of poetry and began writing it when she was very young. Verse was simply a vehicle through which Remy could escape her world and appear normal in front of others.

Remy performed admirably in her secondary school examinations. She began rapping with her classmates and spent the majority of her school life rapping with her companion and verse. She quickly rose to prominence as a mainstream rapper in her community.

When she was invited to join late rapper Big Pun’s Hip Hop group Terror Squad, it felt like she was given wings. The Hip Hop crew served as a platform for Remy to learn how to fill effectively in rapper’s reality.

Reminisce Smith’s Career Line

Remy Ma’s professional career as a rapper began when she joined the Hip Hop group Terror Squad, which was led by Big Pun. Pun served as her guide in her strides prior to considering Remy as the new rapper. She made an appearance in the Pun’s collection Yeeeah Baby, where she was seen appearing with the name Remy Martin in two melodies from the collection titled Ms. Martin and You Was Wrong.

Regrettably, Pun died in the year 2000 after succumbing to cancer. Following Pun’s death, the task of preparing Remy was passed on to the individual from the gathering Fat Joe. Remy’s first single, Lean Back, was nominated for three Grammy Awards and topped the Billboard charts for three weeks. Her two songs, Whateva, Conceited, and Feels so Good, outperformed the competition.

Her first book, There’s Something About Remy: The True Story, was published in 2006. Despite the fact that she was not well-known and it was her first collection, it sold 37,000 units in the first week and 158,000 units in the first year.

Remy was released from jail in 2014 after six years, reducing her two years of incarceration. She was charged with the intentional shooting of her companion, Makeda Barnes-Joseph.

She resumed her music recording soon after her return. Remy became a well-known female rapper in Japan while she was serving time in prison. Remy’s fans praised her fashion sense, and they even created a story called Black Lifestyle in Japan.

She collaborated with one of Terror Squad’s members, DJ Khaled, on the song They Don’t Love You Anymore. Remy also released Remy on the Rocks after a year in 2015. Hands Down, a collaboration with Rick Ross and Yo Gotti, was released in the same year she made her comeback. Take a look at the video of Remy after he was released from jail.

Remy signed a deal to appear on Vh1’s unscripted TV drama Love and Hip Hop in 2015, and she appeared on the show for six seasons. Soon after, Fat Joe revealed that he and Remy are working on a joint collection for now and then. Montana, Remy Ma, and Fat Joe all contributed to the collection’s main song, All the Way Up, which was released in 2016.

Remy began work on her second independent collection, Seven Winters Six Summers, in 2016, with the title of the song implying that she was portraying her experience in prison.

Legal Concerns of Reminisce Smith

Despite the fact that the casualty did not die, Remy was sentenced to prison for intentionally shooting her closest companion Makeda Barnes Joseph during a cash transaction. She was sentenced to prison after being booked at Rikers Island to marry her sweetheart Papoose.

Makenda, a casualty at St. Vincent Hospital, said she never thought Remy would shoot her because the two had been friends for ten years. Remy blamed her for stealing $3000 and shot her twice, according to the casualty.

Two companions were returning home after celebrating a shared companion’s birthday in a meatpacking district club. Remy requested that Joseph transport her tote and began complaining that the satchel contained $3,000 in cash and was missing. Joseph continued to deny taking Remy’s money, but Remy shot Joseph out of nowhere. Remy unloaded a satchel and drove away, leaving Joseph weeping in the front seat, shortly after the shooting.

Remy initially denied shooting her companion, but she was later apprehended. Regardless, Remy was quickly released from Rikers Island after her supervisor Fat Joe set up his house as security on the $250,000 bond. Remy was a former driver for Fat Joe’s Terror Squad. In an insurance of Remy, Fat Joe stated that Remy does not carry a firearm and is not on the list of people who shoot someone. According to MTV, he also assumed Joseph was exploiting her celebrity for financial gain.

Remy then apologized for her behavior in court and asked for mercy for her child.

Who is Reminisce Smith Dating Currently?

According to Who Dated Who, Remy Ma dated American rapper Juelz Santana for one year beginning in 2004. She began an illicit relationship with another rapper, Papoose, in 2007, and dated him for a year before being drawn on February 14, 2008. Following a month in May 2008, the couple quickly exchanged pledges. The couple has been married for a long time and there is no news of them splitting up. Remy and Papoose have a son named Jayson.