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From that point of view, Ayoade’s success as a writer can be traced to his portrayal of the socially awkward, awkward character in the IT Crowd He took the show as a stepping stone to fame, and now he’s one of the country’s popular actors. He’s also an actor and a writer with numerous awards under his belt.

Since the show went off the air, the actor has done numerous projects and since (and continues to do so) many in the future. Learn more about Richard Ayoade and his private life, assets, his net worth, and many other topics.

Celeb Facts

Birth Name Richard Ellef Ayoade
Birthday May 23, 1977
Age 43
Birthplace Hammersmith, London
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Nationality British
Ethnicity Mixed ( Norwegian and Nigerian)
Height 6 feet 2 inches
Profession Comedian, Actor, Television Presenter
Parents Dagny Baassuik Ayoade, Layide Ade Laditi Ayoade
Married/ Wife  Lydia Fox
Children Esmé Bibi Ayoade, Ida Ayoade
Siblings James Fox
Net Worth $2 million

He’s married to a comedy genius named Richard Ayoade’s wife.

Richard is known for playing awkward characters, particularly those who don’t get along well with the opposite sex. He may be a workaholic on the set, but he is as odd as his character on the screen. The actor Richard has been married to his lovely co-star, Lydia Fox, for quite some time. The two first time they met, at the Cambridge theatre, she was one of many in Richard’s play.

Writer/Reginald Bline Richard and his wife, Lydia Fox. Use our research image from

Though Richard doesn’t have any film or television credits to her name, his wife’s Garth Marge does. The wedding of Richard and Lydia took place on September 8th, 2007, and has been in marriage ever since.

They also have three children in common, but they have hidden their parenthood from their coworkers, by and large, except for a few friends and family members who know about it. Regardless, Richard is content with his family life with his wife and children.

how much is Richard Ayoade’s personal wealth worth?

In elementary school, Richard got involved in school productions. Together, Matthew Holness and Garth Marenghi created “Garth Marenghi’s Fright Knight’, which won a first prize at the Fringe Festival for their efforts in 2000. In the same way, “The Mighty Boosh” was made into a TV series, also having gone through a transition from radio to TV. Regardless, when he played the role of Maurice Moss on Channel 4’s The IT Crowd, Richard had a sizeable stage when it came to being discovered

The actor was honored for his performance at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival of Creativity in 2014, with a BAFTA Award and an Oscar Award for Outstanding Achievements. Additionally, he also earned his first BAFTA Award nomination for Outstanding British New Talent in 2011 for his directorial debut film, “Under the Ocean” In addition, the actor has performed in notable TV shows such as Paddington 2, The Soullsla, and Soul, amongst others. He has lent his voice and his likeness to shows such as Neo Yokio and other series like that. Ayo.Richard has a net worth of $2 million as of 2020.

Hammersmith, London, England His birthday is on the 23rd of May, making him 43. Brought into the world by Layide and Dagny’s hard work. Another thing he does is that he has a brother, James Fox. As a Cambridge freshman, he attended both St. Joseph’s College and St. Catherine’s.

While he is a Norwegian of British nationality, he is of mixed-race and has Nigerian and Nigerian heritage. He’s 6 feet tall.